Bush urged to revamp White House


Senior figures from President George W Bush's party have urged him to revamp his White House team after a traumatic week that saw his lowest ever ratings.
Republicans called for new blood after an inquiry into the unmasking of a covert CIA agent led vice-presidential chief of staff Lewis Libby to quit.

The inquiry also put trusted Bush aide Karl Rove's position in jeopardy.

Mr Bush was also hit by the withdrawal of his Supreme Court nominee amid bipartisan opposition.
Yip, clean house. Sack Rice for a start , Rove, Rumsfeld, Cheney , anyone from PNAC, beg Powell to come back, and some of the other Republicans that know and understand that the country they pledged allegiance to , doesn't have a coastline on the Mediterranean.
Nice thought, but what's the point? It'll only be the same set of complete plonkers with different faces!


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