Bush Tucker Man


Amongst the inevitable disclaimers on his website, one that could do with far wider adoption:

Political Correctness

Sorry I'm not big on Political Correctness, so if I’ve said something here that gets up your nose "Stiff Shit" and go and tell it to the Padre. I'm not interested.
Cool, I liked watching Les..............and that marvellously offensive hat of his.
Aussie AAC as well!
Retired Major. Still kicking last time I checked. He now runs a property up North for helping war vets recover from their ordeals.

I've only just bought his entire series on DVD and it's still a great watch after all these years. It's great to see these type of shows before they went all overdramatic, with a whole pile of "coming up next" and "previously on" horseshit padding the show.

I've also got some of the Malcolm Douglas series on DVD as well, hard to find at the moment.

EDIT: Forgot to add, the Bush Tucker Man website is going strong. Les is still maintaining it

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Bad Smell

Sort of related.

When the show was filmed and they used the Kiowa for air support, along with the pilot came the Tech. Well when the Tech retired from the Army he lived in a house about 200 metres from the front gate of Dairy Farmers Stadium in Townsville. Those of you who follow the NRL will know that it was the ground of the North Queensland Cowboys.

A good mate of mine's wife always had free tickets to the home games (her company was a sponsor) and we regularly used to park on the Tech's front lawn when we went to watch the game. A friendly wave as we left the car and straight into the Stadium. At the time, if I recall correctly the Tech's daughter was engaged to one of the Cowboys players.

Another mate of mine also worked the door on the VIP lounge upstairs so entry was guaranteed there as well. And an Ambo I knew quite well used to volunteer as a strapper for the players. There was always something laid back about a Cowboy's home game in the north of the country compared to those played in the cities.

When you watch those videos of Les there is a real laid back atmosphere so typical of that part of the country. If I ever catch up with him, I'd like to have a beer or three with him.

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