Bush to warn of oil addiction

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 22:40 GMT

    Bush to warn of 'oil addiction'

    Mr Bush has seen his approval rating slump
    President George W Bush is to warn in his State of the Union address that the US has become addicted to oil often imported from unstable nations.

    And some folks call this switched on guy, A Shaved Minkey.
  2. He's obviously given up, realised he's not going to get re-elected, so as a parting shot he's criticised the Americans for their love and dependancy on vast quantities of petrol. Give the hippy that convinced him to say that a cookie from me.
  3. Erm 2 term max per pres. This is his 2nd term so no re-election worries for GWB
  4. Post 9/11 and prior to the Invasion of Iraq, we had a very lively debate on one of the Thai nightlife boards on US policy and the reasons for the forthcumming invasion. (their lonest running thread 10,000 + posts)
    I was in the 'It's all about Oil' gang. I have heard many good arguments on the subject of Bush, Oil, and US overseas policy from well educated people, mainly non military.
    To this day I still do not KNOW the reason for the invasion but am still inclined towards
    "It the Oil Stupid" philosiphy.
    From BBC
    "One of his sternest critics on Iraq, Cindy Sheehan, whose son died there on US active service, was arrested in the Capitol building before the speech got under way, reportedly as she prepared to unfurl a banner."
  5. At last..... but in his second term
  6. He didn't mention anything about the environmental issues of oil though, just that some came from unstable places. He played up the secruity issue.
  7. He's got nothing to lose now...

    I seem to remember a certain slick willy did the same come the end of his 2nd term.
  8. The NY Times made a valid point this morning.....The US ONLY imports 20% of it's oil from the mid east.

    Me thinks this is great political statement, since by 2025 the Canadian will be a significant exporter of oil, so it is probably safe to say that the US can achieve the 75% reduction by doing nothing.

    Damn Statistics!
  9. Yes, but thats current usage. If the current trends continue, including continuing popularity of gasguzzling SUVs the US willneed to import 60% of its oil by 2020 and most of the additional oil will need to come from the reserves in, guess where, Iraq and Iran.

    I read this part of the speach as an argument to support the demands of the oil industry to remove any environmental constriants on exploiting reserves in the USA.
  10. So what he is saying is that he wants to cut 75% of the 20% that comes from ME.

    Easily done if the Alaskan fields come on line and they buy more from Canada, South America/Mexico.

    In fact the whole thing can be used to help Shrub push the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge drilling that he has been trying to get through congress for the past 4 odd years.
  11. Which is exactly what the plan is. Fact of the matter is Bush has submitted proposals to Congress that include ANWR drilling and funding for research in alternative fuel sources such as fuel cells, hybrids, etc.. The democrats have blocked any and all Bush energy policy initiatives since they include opening up 1% of ANWR to exploration and drilling. At the same time the Dems have failed to provide and alternative plans other then increasing taxes on gas and demonising oil companies from making a profit.

    A great portion of his speech was directed at the democrats obstruction of his initiatives while failing to provide alternatives; was highlighted by the social security reform line where the Dems applauded their obstruction of his policy and then Bush in the next line pointed out that the Dems have failed to provide an alternative.
  12. It only sounded like that, actually he was trying to warn americans about 'wily diction' claiming it was better to have a president who pronounced 'nuclear' as 'nuculurr' and 'americans' as 'murricans' than have one who could actually pronounce words correctly.
  13. almost but not quite correct

    replace 'ONLY imports' with 'HAS NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO import'

    you should also note that piffling 20% of american import equates to 5% of global oil production or put another way more than the entire output of kuwait.