Bush to seek $80bn for war funds


The White House has confirmed it plans to ask Congress for an extra $80bn (£43bn), mainly to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Most of the money will go to the army to pay for salaries and to fund the replacement or repair of equipment.

Congress has already approved $25bn in emergency funds for this tax year.

In a related development, a top US general has said the US army expects to keep about 120,000 troops in Iraq for at least two more years.
80 Billion 8O

That's the GDP of New Zealand!
And, more than the GDP's of UAE , Kuwait, Tunisia, Syria etc etc.

Was this level of expenditure part of the original plan then?
Where is Jip Travolta when you need a spoof Mastercard ad doing? :D

477 Billion dollars in the red , add another 80 billion , and congratulations , that's half a Trillion dollars in the red.

Well, 43/44 has certainly achieved rapid growth in one area.

China must be laughing into the dim sum.

Well, once they've finished buying Western companies with raw material holdings , and paying for their Russian oil in Euros of course.
By "these people"

Do you mean the yellow peril , or are you thinking closer to home NWD? :D

It's a beautiful plan. Why do people keep calling America, the last remaining superpower? China is a superpower , and on the ascendancy.

Who is really in control? The man who issues IOU's for a phenomenal amount or , the man that's holding IOU's for a phenomenal amount?

I belive China has embarked on a programme of financial domination , and they're doing it, by cornering raw materials sources. Once they've done that, they can just about do as they please.

Sorry Mr.Bush , Taiwan you say? Really, let me instruct my broker to sell 200 Billion Dollars now. What was that? You're winding your neck in? I thought you might.

Invading Iraq is going to screw with the US in ways that Bin Laden can only have wet dreams about.

How much more in allocations will Bush have to seek, before the American people say -Enough!

Because I can see another massive expense coming, and I don't think it is in this budget allocation.
Why do people keep calling America, the last remaining superpower? China is a superpower
China are not a superpower....YET! 8O 8O 8O 8O

They are well on their way to it, but do not have a high enough GDP to be qualified as a superpower. Also, their technology and IT systems are not sufficiently developed to compete with america or europe.

They do however have

A HUGE armed forces 8O
A Gigantic population 8O
An almost industrialised infrastructure
A Booming economy
A space programme
A quiet policy of purchasing up large natural resources and american/european technology companies

Despite this, even if they do make it into the superpower club, they will be the only member. America have long since left that league for the little fish. America is a HYPERPOWER. In another league completely.

When China has the ability to project the PLA globally , it will be a hyperpower.
PartTimePongo said:
China must be laughing into the dim sum.

PTP, The only "dim sum" I can see is the one being racked up by Dubya's crusading profligacy. Time to call in the receivers, methinks. Too much blood and treasure being squandered. :wink:
When China has the ability to project the PLA globally , it will be a hyperpower.
Concerning that statement, i seem to remeber reading it somewhere (may just be a rumour) that the PLA has troops stationed in central africa in some dodgy little republic which is playing political footsie with china. I think there was also rumours that the aforementioned african country had natural resources which were just beggining to be identified and sold to outside interests.

Maybe this is the start of their plan for world domination (or do i sound like someone from team america :twisted: )

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