Bush tells Israel to withdraw to 1967 borders and compensate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Good grief! Who's been spiking his morning coffee with large does of common sense and realism?

  2. Fine words - but I rather doubt we will see any buttered parsnips, in the form of real US pressure on Israel to play ball.
  3. With the huge and powerful Zionist lobby group, AIPAC, that is extremely unlikely.
  4. Dilfor,

    Are you suggesting, perchance, that this is a deliberate spoiling action by Bush and the GOP to leave the next president - a Democrat - seriously in the foreign diplomacy poo?

    Wouldn't put it past them... :x
  5. So no real change then.
  6. It's amazing that he has such clarity and insight now that his tenure is coming to an end and he no longer has to kow tow to the powerful Jewish lobby for their votes.
  7. I thought most Jews seemed to vote Democrat?
  8. Indeed. :x

    The BBC has added to their report since I started the thread. That paragraph was non-existant originally. I now retract any positive thoughts that I had about all this. :x :x

    Edited to add:
    "mutually agreed" also has the resonance of 'never, and we know who we'll blame for that...'.
  9. In US, not all Jewish people are Zionist at all. Many where I live are progressive and do not agree with what Israel has done to the Palestinian people. However, even so, most mainstream Democratic candidates are cowed by AIPAC.

    As to the septic republicans, many Jewish Zionists support them, but also the evangelical zealots, for incorrect theological reasons.
  10. Erm... strictly speaking, didn't the Israelis attack preemptively? Jordan had signed a mutual defence treaty with Egypt earlier that year, too...

    EDIT: Bugger. Beaten to it.
  11. Sheesh Israel was set up in 1948 at the same time as a Palestinian state

    It was promptly attacked by the Arab nations and has fought major wars in 48, 56, 67, 73 against its larger neighbours (fighting for its very survival).

    The Palestinians left as refugees expecting to go back but due to the Israelis winning and being slightly miffed (cant understand why only 3 years after WW2) this left a large population in refugee camps. No one including the Arab countries wished the Palestinians to be integrated into their societys (much better to train and equip them to further the aims of destroying the Jews while they rebuilt and re-trained their forces)

    America equipped the Israelis yes but before that it was Britain and France and their own arms industries ability to modify and improve on old obsolete kit or captured kit.

    But Russia, France, UK and America also provided kit to the Arabs

    America refused to give Israel kit unless it conceeded to border reductions in the past and its survival was never underwritten by the US

    Only in one conflict did the US directly supply Israel during the fighting (tank ammo through an intermediary) and that was when Russia was stripping units in Europe of SAM due to the Arabs having used their supplies up and the Arab armies collapsing under the IAF attacks.

    This could have led to a widening of the conflict which is why the US and USSR brokered for peace
  12. Posted deleted as it refers to a post by KGBResident which has now disappeared!

  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Thread edited to remove ViolentBadger's racist frothing.
  14. Hello Whitecity. As I see my post has been removed. Well, let it be.

    Of course, we Russians celebrate 2 'New Years'

    1. New Year
    2. Old New Year.

    I fancy that only you would understand what expression Old New Year means.

    Returning to the theme of this thread I doubt that the agreement between Israel and the Palestinians would be reached soon.

    Highly esteemed mr.Bush is not the first and not the last American president who tries (or pretends that he tries) to resolve the problem.

    Btw, Russian speaking Israelis (i know it for sure) mainly are against Palestinian state.
  15. Is true that not all Palestinians favour Israel's destruction.

    Is also true that Fatah had many Christians in it and, unlike Hamas, was not fundamentalist Muslim in nature.

    Is also true that if your land was invaded and taken and you were put in refugee camps or worse, you would most like fight back. I would. :wink:

    Finally, I don't see why this post should be deleted.