Bush sets up domestic spy service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4636117.stm

    How long before Bluppet thinks .......' Gosh , that's a jolly good idea'

  2. Don't we already have MI5 doing this sort of thing?
  3. "Big Brother is a watching you Winston Smith!"
  4. Thank God that Bluppet has nothing to do with it anymore. He'd do a J. Edgar and hoard the data for his own gratification. Women would be required to submit used underwear as part of the ID card process - two pairs, one for him and one for the dog. :twisted:
  5. Precisely, that's what the Security Service and police SBs are for. The Americans are taking a page out of our book here, not the other way round.

    The poor old FBI seems to be re-organised every five minutes. If only they'd listened to that Field Agent about the flying school....

    All units stand by for a turf war of unprecedented nastiness! Glad I don't work there!

    A bit unfair to the existing FBI Sy structures, but that's what happens when you reinvent the wheel.

  6. Jesus don't they have enough as it is? Off the top of my weary head, I can count about existing 6-8 agencies/depts. I had presumed that the CIA alreadyhad control of overseas humint ops 8O

    There already exist a National Security Agency - same thing different name?
  7. ^ I take your point, yes the spams have more security agencies than you can shake a stick at. However, the NSA ("No Such Agency") is (to use a very rough analogy) their version of GCHQ but probably on steroids. It's not really an operational "detect and arrest" type set-up.

    They also have the Dept. of Homeland Security. WTF is that for now? Our UK int & sy apparatus is a model of streamlined efficiency compared with the Frankenstein's monster the Americans seem to be coming up with.

  8. Give it a rest, still banging that drum.
  9. Too true...

    For future reference:

    NSA - Signals Intelligence
    CIA - Foreign Human Intelligence
    NRO - Imagery Intelligence
    NGA - Geospatial Intelligence
    FBI - Domestic Human Intelligence and Law Enforcement Investigation
    DIA - Military-related Human, Signal, Imagery and Measurement & Signature Intelligence. Each service branch also has their own version of a minature DIA.
    DHS - Consolidated 37 Law Enforcement, Safety, Security and Investigative Agencies. Strangely enough, this might work...

    This is just the really big dogs; there's 15,000+ agencies in the USA.

    When I look at our Intelligence and Security apparatus here in the USA, I have to giggle a bit when people blather on about "Big Brother", "Pax Americana", etc.
  10. I thought the FBI already operated a US domestic "spy service"
  11. Thanks for that :wink: I think part of the problem is they have named these departments or agencies in a way where you think they cover the type of work demonstrated in its title - i.e. you would think the NSA would deal with physical national security (or security of their nationals overseas) - perhaps in the same way how GCHQ does what it says on the tin :D

    Just looked on their website and I'm a little astonished to see that they do part-SIGINT as well as the other agencies. Further confusion! IMO too many of them at doing the same or similar type of work. I would have thought the report would have recommended more sharpened centralised (and streamlined like you said) modification to the intel community than to make up further components. Bush is only changing it cos he wants someone to blame like his buddy blair for the WMD info he received previously. Hope John (Negroponte - fcuk - what a name 8O ) is there long enough to keep seat warm.