Bush says Iraqi troops not ready


Iraqi forces are still not ready to keep order, US President George W Bush has said, warning that next month's election would not be "trouble-free".
It was unacceptable that some Iraqi government units had deserted during combat with militants, President Bush told reporters in Washington
You really haven't a Scooby have you George?

So which is correct?


Despite Challenges, Iraqi Forces 'In the Fight'
By Gerry J. Gilmore
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Sept. 29, 2004 – Although insurgents are making things difficult, the task of training, equipping and deploying new Iraqi security forces is progressing, a senior U.S. military official noted in a Sept. 26 commentary published in the Washington Post.

Army Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus acknowledged "there will be more tough times" in Iraq in the months leading up to the country's general elections in January – and beyond. However, while he predicted that insurgent attacks would likely increase, he also pointed out that the situation isn't out of control and that Iraqi security forces are "developing steadily and they are in the fight."

Petraeus, commander of the Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq, is charged with overseeing efforts to prepare Iraqis to assume security of their country. In the past few months, he noted, 7,500 Iraqis signed up for the new Iraqi Army, while 3,500 new Iraqi police recruits recently reported for training.

Despite insurgent attacks, Petraeus observed, "there is no shortage of qualified recruits volunteering to join Iraqi security forces."

Noting that he regularly meets with Iraqi security force leaders, Petraeus praised their "determination and their desire to assume the full burden of security tasks for Iraq."
Is there anyone in the command structure who isn't blowing warm air up their own butts?

They don't want us there anymore , and I believe a goodly portion of the new security forces , are either aiding insurgency passively , ie, not doing a damn thing , through fear or sympathy , or are actively aiding insugency through fighting, intelligence etc.

Is it really too late to try and recruit the old Iraqi Army and Republican Guard?

Suppose it was a simple as "We're fighting, because Bremner stiffed us on our paycheque and rubbished our honour"

Suppose it was a simple as "You make us feel like 3rd class citizens, incapable of controlling our own destiny in our own country"

Sooner or later, the Politicos are going to run out of lies. When that happens, we're going to start to turn this around.

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