Bush resists Iraq WMD probe calls


The White House is facing increasing pressure to set up a full independent inquiry into alleged intelligence failures in the run-up to war in Iraq.
All Democratic presidential contenders support an inquiry, and this weekend former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is expected to demand an investigation.

Republican Senator John McCain has also broken ranks to insist on a full probe.

President George W Bush has said he, too, wants to "know the facts", but not that an inquiry will be set up.

Lol "The facts"

Some "facts" are

1. Too much emphasis placed on reports originating from one particular Intelligence agency, with their own agenda to pursue. George Tenet complained of this in 2000-2001.

2. Too many members of your administration and "Advisiors" whose loyalty is divided between the US and that country.

3. You were fed a line Mr. Bush, and you swallowed it , hook line and sinker, because you had your own axe to grind.
There are too many people that feel the 'reason' for the start of the Gulf War was really hiding from the fact that George Jr was finishing off what his father failed to do in the first Gulf War.

Who pulls his strings?

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