Bush, pushing Russia too far?

It's all very well Bush winding him up but we're the ones who have to live next door. He has all the natural resources that we need and most of Europe can't do without his oil or gas. They're welcome to our footie clubs but when they start buying our industries as eagerly as the Indians and Chinese we will be in trouble. That situation can only grow worse and we are going to be under Putin's thumb for many decades yet.
Agree to that but we could really do with not overstepping the mark to much. Starting to get shivers of the Cold War againg and having my own trench to defend as the Russian Hordes come over the Horizon =(
Putin is doing a Bush...

Bush is being his jolly self by putting others in the Amrican firing line.

Europe are sitting here doing fcuk all and yet it seems that it is we who will be extinct...

The Missiles are for the defense against Chinese, Iranian/arab, Korean attacks. Russian I believe are not significant in the equation.

Flexing of muscles by Russia and America - Pr1cks!

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