Bush pushes wind, solar power, cutback on oil use

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. http://today.reuters.com/business/newsarticle.aspx?type=ousiv&storyID=2006-02-21T203321Z_01_N21149115_RTRIDST_0_BUSINESSPRO-BUSH-ENERGY-DC.XML

  2. Heh, maybe the last hurricane season finaly drove the point home about climate change?
  3. No talk, costs nothing and he feels nothing towards the rest of the World.

    Some Oil baron was talking after Bush's "State of the Nation" or whatever talk the last week or so...

    " So there are 250 million vehicles in the USA . So they are all going to change to lard power in the next few months then ? I thnk not.
    Billy goe and the rest still want POWERFUL man cars.

    Even the newest green cars in the USA. The hybrid 4X4's only use their elecrtical motors to provide "more power" not for cleaner power. - And if you buy one the Govmt gives you a tax break and the manufactures can harp on how Green they are.

    If I had cash I'd be bying oil shares .
  4. Oil will be the No 1 provider of transport long after I am gone.
    Must admit I am surprised that Georgei Boy is not pushing Nuclear.
    Oil is behind so much of US policy in my view and will remain so for the forseable future.
  5. To be fair to bush (as much as i hate to be), Texas has some of the largest wind turbine farms in the world. There are whole communities who live of just that.

    I was in discussion with some (intelligent) americans the other week and we had an indepth discussion about the whole energy thing. IE why drive such big cars when you drive at a snails pace etc etc. Lots of economic reasons, but little atual environmental concern!