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Bush proposes billions for Iraq, may seek more


Book Reviewer
Old Monkey-dial has said to congress that he wants 700 billion dollars for the US military within the next two years.

If nothing else, at least he realises that these forays into war require adequate funding.

I wonder if our lot will ever get the idea . . . ahh what am I saying!



War Hero
I am not sure why we aren't doing the same. If the Spetics are pulling all of that oil money out that was reported recently then the whole thing becomes self financing. We could be renewing a great deal of useful equipment, developing new toys . . and why not consider providing our guys the basic equipment that they need for a start?

We are milking the Iraqis now so it makes sense to protect the investment by putting money into protecting it. There is not a cat in hells chance of pulling out since we'll lose our share of the spoils. Perhaps the Gobment has some other money pit they need to subsidise out of the oil money then?

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