Bush pledges to stand by Lebanon


US President George W Bush has pledged to support Lebanon's independence from what he called the "encroachments of Iran and Syria", a US official said.
OMG! i had no idea that Iran and Syria were rolling armour and troops into Lebanon, shelling the hell out of the infrastructure or dropping cluster munitions on a scale that will stop land useage and claim innocent casualtys for years to come.

never in our time will any US administration admit or confirm that the MAIN and ORIGINAL reason for Lebanons instability is because of its southern neighbor.
never while so many US gov's polititians loyality and prioritys are the support of Israel over and beyound to the nation to which they are elected.
Can we take it that he means he'll bomb the shit out of it for a few months then b*gger off to invade a totally harmless country under a pretext while deploying deploying a constantly-changing set of justifications all of which turn out to be false?

What's the betting Our Glorious Leader will announce he's right alongside on this one. Closely followed by immediate introduction of compulsory ID cards (to reduce the threat of global international being-Iranian-ism) and the compulsory call-up of the Scouts and Womens' Guild for combat operations.

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