Bush overrides Libbys prison sentence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lill, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. US President George W Bush has intervened to prevent Lewis Libby, a convicted former vice-presidential aide, from serving a prison term.

    is anybody actually surprised by this? :(

    beeb link


  2. that would be a no ..... good to see justice at work someone be sure to shout and point it out when it happens
  3. This is going to come back and bite him on the Ass. Even right-wing posters on some GOP forums I've looked at are disturbed by this.
  4. Eh just think HM, will never pardon Blur post his conviction.
  5. Not a suprise, they said as much would happen on The Daily Show a week or so ago.
  6. Libby outed a serving operative. Even the most foam-specked right wingers think that's wrong, and sends a bad message to those on the front line.
  7. Clinton pardoned 16 members of FALN - a terrorist group, Marc Rich,Susan McDougal,Dan Rostenkowski,Melvin J. Reynolds and Roger Clinton to name a few. He pardoned 140 people on his last day in office. Its the perogative of a President to pardon people convicted of crimes.

    Clinton himself was convicted of lying to a jury but got no jail time, so why should Libby ?
  8. Because this is far more serious than getting a perk off an intern.
  9. Clinton lied about coming in a slut's mouth. No fatalities resulted (as far as I am aware). Even his marriage appears to have survived.

    Bush lied about the need to go to war. As at today, 3577 US soldiers have died as a result of that lie, 156 British, and uncounted numbers of iraqi men, women and children.

    I know who I'd like to see in the slammer with Big Tattooed Bubba gettin dug up his ringpiece - and it ain't Slick Willy from Li'l Rock. 8)

    Get your right-thinking-Christian priorities sorted out, you silly little man.
  10. No he wasn't, Lofty. I suggest you bimble down to Barnes and Noble and get yourself a copy of The Constitution. It's only $3-4. You might want to look in the kiddies' section, they might have a version you can colour in.

    The sentences of the FALN bombers were COMMUTED, not pardoned. All had served 19 years or more and none of their attacks resulted in the injury of another person and clemency was supported by, among others, 10 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and the Archbishop of New York (where the bombings occurred).

    As for the commutation of Libby's sentence- it makes bugger-all difference to Bush. It's not as if things can get much worse for him politically. Might as well get Scooter out of the sh1t, especially since he knows where all the bodies are buried. Let's face it, he's got a bloody great fine to pay, not to mention legal bills and book deal could do a lot to help those problems go away. It also does a little bit to reassure the rapidly shrinking coterie of true-believers that the boss will keep faith with you... by throwing you a life jacket after he's thrown you to the sharks to save his own arse.
  11. I have just punched the air with joy. YES!
    King George over rules and publicly rebukes the sentence handed down by an independent judiciary.

    By doing this he hopefully has just screwed himself up his own arrse.
    In a few weeks time the Supremes have to examine the case of him claiming 'executive privilege' over not complying with the first of what's going to become over time an avalanche of subpoenas.
    By hauling Libby's ass out of the fire he may very well have plonked his own ass right in middle of the hottest flames.
    Judges do NOT like their sentences being criticized by arrogant over arching members of the executive.

    I'm sure they will welcome any opportunity to dock this fcuking puppy's tail good and proper. :D
  12. Yes PTP. And lets consider this. If an ordinary American citizen had with malicious intent outed a covert CIA agent they would be looking at a sentence of about 30+ years fer christ sakes!
    What Libby (and Cheney & Rove) did was treasonable. Now the president of the United States has criticized the judges for doling out a light sentence for perjury in a case that amounts to treason.

    Whether anyone wanted to or not is becoming irrelevant. These guys are beginning to trip over themselves so obviously in public revealing their own criminality that it is now only a question of time before they will all just have to be nicked.
    If for no other greater reason than to save the American Nation from further public embarrassment in eyes of rest of the world.
  13. . . . except in the sense that one day he may wake up from his curious trance-like state, and realise just how thoroughly he has screwed up the USA's economy, the USA's standing in the world, the USA's Armed Forces, and his own reputation.
  14. Don't forget we still have a beer riding on this one G-K - and I hope I lose :D :D
  15. Ooo! give us the web adds please PTP. (I fancy a good gloat :D )