Bush orders Cuban funds for SPY bebe Mujeres la masoquista

Treasury To Give Frozen Cuban Funds To Miami Woman Jilted By Spy

MIAMI -- President George W. Bush Friday ordered nearly $200,000 in frozen Cuban funds seized and given to the unwitting ex-wife of an alleged Cuban double agent.

Ana Margarita Martinez won $27 million from Cuba in 2001 after she claimed she was used as a political pawn by her ex-husband, Juan Pablo Roque, and his Cuban handlers. But she has been able to collect very little of the settlement.

Her attorney, Fernando Zulueta, said Friday that she was pleased with the president's actions giving her $198,000 of frozen Cuban funds.

Roque, a former Cuban Air Force major, staged a defection in 1992. He romanced and married Martinez and joined the private Brothers to the Rescue, helping them fly searches in the Florida Straits.

Roque secretly left Miami for Cuba in 1996 the day before a Cuban air force attack shot down two of the rescue planes, killing four fliers. He was later indicted in absentia, accused of being a Cuban spy.
as P. Harvey sez: 'now you know the rest...'



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