Bush or Bin laden

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BCFC Sam, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Who on here thinks that 9/11 was carried out by the most richest, influential and power full country on earth or that a "terrorist group" who lives in a dry, sandy and poor place of the world which is thousands of miles away and is still stuck in the 13th century carried out 9/11.

    my opinion is that it was a government job. im not one of those hardcore conspiracy people who belive in all that shit like pearl habour was an inside job and all that crap.

    but anyway what do you think?
  2. Explain something then?

    How does the government prep the buildings, cut supporting structures away, lay miles of wiring, det cord and explosives without being noticed by a single worker?

    Commercial buildings in NYC have a fire safety staff, wardens and marshalls they saw nothing and their job is to check the building daily

    Commercial buildings have electricians, they saw nothing. Wouldnt you notice a shitload of new wiring you didnt install?

    Commercial buildings have security officers, CCTV nothing seen

    Various firms security staff (aka Rick Rescorla) saw nothing out of the ordinary

    The Port Authority Police in the building saw nothing

    The Secret Service Office staff saw nothing

    Not a single Janitor, Secretary, Plumber, Carpenter, Painter, Elevator Operator, Elevator Mechanic, Control Board Operator, HVAC mechanic, Operating Engineer saw anything like the normal prep done for building demolition. And all this from a Government that cannot keep a secret? not one demo team member on a talk show?
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  3. how did the the building fall then
  4. Airplanes hit them, Fuel and Wind burning white hot like a furnace, gravity.
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  5. Planes that contained thousands of gallons of jet fuel struck them and the resulting fires/damage brought both towers down and resulted in thousands of innocent deaths.

    Explain what you think happened.
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  6. Please do not feed him, old chap...

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  7. melting point of the steel they used in the WTC 1510ºC
    maximum temperature of the fuel 825ºC

    The dark smoke showed in the towers shows that they were oxygen starved which makes it an less chance of the the steel melting.
  8. I dont suppose you truthers have ever read of Sir Isaac Newton, and his explanations of gravity then. How did that apple fall?
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  9. Again not taking into account the winds feeding Oxygen into the fire like a Blacksmiths furnace.

    But thats it for me, you're obviously going to tell us Bush and the Reptilian illuminatti did it because your neighbor Sams dog told you so.

    Occams Law dear boy- Learn it, Live it, Love it
  10. FFS, it doesn't have to melt. It just needs to get hot enough to buckle which steel does quite easily at hugely less temperatures than it's actual melting point. Then the lot will come down, which is what set off the collapse of the whole stucture.
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  11. I think the term is that steel once heated to over 500C loses its structural integrity!
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I've sussed it - the towers were brought down by that battleship mounted rail gun thing they are working on. thats why it had to be an easy target near the coast.

    if you wanted to cut the girders with explosives its remarkably simple now, the thermite theory is junked though
  13. Bit of a **** of a thread really. Doh, why did I even respond? You guessed it, a combination of red win and gin :)
  14. black smoke means oxygen starved so no wind.

    why not fall sideways, why straight down, why did WTC 7 collapse, why were surveillance planes over all the targets, why were fighters scrambled to wrong place and finally the most powerful and effective intelligence services knew nothing about it.
  15. Black smoke - perhaps from tons of plastic/polystyrene type materials, the inside of a plane and a lot of offices are made from tremendous amounts of plastic/polystyrene. Falling - I refer to my earlier post.

    Wind - tell me, have you ever stood on the roof of the WTC? I have, it is always windy, in fact the towers constantly moved with the winds racing around the top of the building, a tolerance of up to 15 foot of movement on each tower was allowed for the winds.

    Perhaps you could tell us where you gained your specialist knowledge and education of combustion to tell us that the fire was starved of oxygen.

    BTW I predict this thread will hit the hole within 12 hours.
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