Bush Man At UN Resigns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Malteser, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Source: Sky News

    Was this realy a surprise to anyone?
  2. GET IN!!!

    Oh happy , joyous day. Wonder what the Jerusalem Post commentary will be? :D

    Spokeswoman Dana Perino whined

    "Despite the support of a strong bipartisan majority of Senators,according to Karl Rove and the tooth fairy, Ambassador Bolton's confirmation was blocked by a reality check, and this is a clear example of the breakdown in our propaganda wing."
  3. JP : "Friend of Israel Hounded Out of Anti-Semitic Body"
  4. No surprises there. Except that he hung around for as long as a few weeks. What's this 'no-nonsense Bush ally' nonsense? Every word this numbskull ever uttered was nonsense. It's good to see that his plans for 'reform of the UN' have got off to a good start - with his own resignation. Best foot forward...
  5. Well, well, well. :p

    Ever since he took over the US seat at the UN, the US's influence in major policy decisions has seen a marked decline. Some would say, it's been a catalogue of disasters!

    I'm sure his supporters will blame that on circumstance. However, many of those at the UN believe John Bolton himself, and his attitude, is directly to blame for this down-turn in support for the US position.

    John Bolton's reputation as a bully preceeded him. He live up to that reputation and tried to 'bully' other UN representatives into what he wanted. Instead of cow towing, they got their backs up. Just look how many 'friends' they manage to muster in the recent Qatar resolution on Gaza?

    Maybe we will now see a more realistic candidate put forward who actually understands what the word 'diplomacy' means. :p

    :p Good to see Kofi Annan outlast him... :p
  6. Absolutely spot-fückin'-on, PTP! Vott morr kenn oi say, bott robb mye haendss toogedda in fronnt ov mye chesst enn dreem ov da dollaz too follow? Stronzi!!!

  7. Colin Powell , advance and be recognised.

    In spite of his 'performance' at the UN over the dodgy intel, I distinctly remember he attracted a great deal of sympathy on the day from experienced UN diplomats and observers, for successfully conveying the impression he didn't for one second believe what he was shovelling.

    On a separate note, has Condispellingmistake died or something?
  8. PTP - all's quiet on the Condi front. She'll be pursuing other interests no doubt - interests not unrelated to career moves, and the old 'rats leaving a sinking ship' analogy.
  9. Bugsy - were you born anti-Semitic or did you have a traumatic experience of some sort to give you such an outlook?
  10. Start of the implosion maybe? Or, just a quickening pace?

    Bolton has done more damage to the reputation and standing of America internationally than even George Bush could manage - that's saying something.

    Agreed that Colin Powell is looking like one of the few good moves that could be made now. - The fact that he was a career soldier and has proved himself to be adept at the art of diplomacy, should this be a pointer to our own government, as to where it should appoint these posts from in the current climate?
  11. Well, it would be nice, but my distinct impression is that they'll be installing snow-blowers in Hell before he associates himself with Reichsmarshall Bush and his steaming Reform Panzers of Democratic Destiny again.

    Still, here's hoping that in these more moderate(Read: retreating on all fronts) days, he may turn out to be that most welcome and timely voice of reason in the pit of the Security Council.
  12. Whoever he puts in, is going to be under such scrutiny (and Bush's decision) that I doubt that the same mistake will be made again.

    Let's hope Powell is in for the long game.
  13. And it all happened on the day that Chavez got re-elected by a fair margin.

    I wonder what the mood's like in the Whitehouse tonight?
  14. Situation Normal. All Fecked Up.

    Looks like the house of cards is crumbling fast. There are mutterings doing the rounds that some senior military officials will be "stepping down" real soon. It is being whispered that Robert Gates accepted the job of SecDef only if he could could hire,fire and "generally" (pun intended) clean house as he saw fit.

    Apparently, quite a few resignation letters are being typed up in anticipation of his senate confirmation. The next few weeks will be really really interesting to watch.