Bush losing the plot?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bernoulli, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. I wondered what was going on last week when the State Department advised all US citizens to get out of Saudi following the Kohbar attacks.
    No yank specialists, no saudi oil, Reason to secure the oil fields for the west, good use for the Brigade cumming over from Korea. Means ta say these gulf armies are basically polis, with tanks and big guns just ta keep the locals in line, not fight real troops.

    When god wants to destroy he first drives them mad. Look at ar Tone dear Tone.
  2. thats very scary, very scary indeed.
    i never liked bush, but if at all it was possible in the first plae, my estimation has dropped even further!
  3. You all never cease to amaize me. This article was posted on www.rense.com three days ago. I debated about putting it up in the rumor cel but decided not to.

    Is there any doubt that Bush lost the plot months ago? In addition to this evagelical cnut is his side kick Ashcroft who, it turns out, advised Bush to ignore Geneva and divers torture accords. I think some members of Congress are starting to figure how bad they, and the rest of us, have been had.

    The recent movement in the UN (nothing but a bastion of cnut drug pushers in my opinion) is indicative that the folks that call the shots (cartel of international bankers) finally told Bush and a few others to back off of Iraq.

    Wait, a message is coming through my tin foil hat . . . Bush is fecked.

    It is about time!
  4. Scary it may be, but it's also bullshi-ite. No wonder GQ didn't post it, because he knows the kind of reception he would have got if he had. You can dress up any kind of non-attributable garbage on the internet to make it look like news. :roll:
  5. GQ wrote,

    Debated? Who with? 8O

    Without reading the linked articles, I think it can safely be said that Bush and GQ never had a plot to lose!
  6. I wonder if he's back on the sauce?
  7. My willie of course, I certainly did not even try to debate with the dodgy voices in your head. 8)
  8. As a "dry drunk" he never stopped.
  9. Generalquarters wrote

    Your intellectual equal and a sentient being? I’m surprised it got a word in edgeways!
  10. My willy always gets gets a word in cnutwise. :wink: