Bush learned from Nixon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. MUCH AS I HATE CUT AND PASTE A Yank friend sent me this info

    Nixon's empire strikes back

    Bush's imperial project has succeeded by learning the chief lesson of Watergate - muzzle the press.

    Sidney Blumenthal
    June 9, 2005
    The Guardian

    The unveiling of the identity of Deep Throat - Mark Felt, the former deputy director of the FBI - seemed affirm the story of Watergate as the triumph of the lone journalist supported from the shadows by a magically appearing secret source. Shazam! The outlines of the fuller story we now know, thanks not only to Felt's selfunmasking but to disclosures the Albany Times Union of upstate New York, unreported so far by any major outlet. Felt was not working as "a disgruntled maverick ... but rather as the leader of a clandestine group" of three other high-level agents to control the story by collecting intelligence and leaking it. For more than 30 years the secrecy around Deep Throat diverted attention to who Deep Throat was rather than what Deep Throat was - a covertFBI operation in which Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward was almost certainly an unwitting asset.


    · Sidney Blumenthal is former senior adviser to President Clinton and author of The Clinton Wars

  2. Did he also destroy the tapes? ;-)

  3. consider the source:
    · Sidney Blumenthal is former senior adviser to President Clinton and author of The Clinton Wars 8O
  4. c'mon, it's the Grauniad - the mere existance and success of the US proves that everything ideological that the Grauniad holds dear is totally, utterly false. Hence, they try to bash the US with such biased pieces at every opportunity.

    The Grauniad - the Morning Star for "intellectuals" :roll:
  5. The press here is hardly muzzled. If it werent for the blog's the MSM would be far far worse. Accusations are considered facts of wrong doing even if the accusations lack substance. Polls are news. The pollsters go out into a democrat area ask one sided questions and then print a story about this or that. Remember the polls were wrong during the election the dem's thought they were going to win instead they lost by 4 million votes.
    The MSM bash the administration day in and day out. They even appear to take the side of the terrorists in their zeal to make the administration look bad. Its rather odd to see democrat senators in congress siding with gitmo terrorists. A fact not lost on the voting public.
  6. ah, conspiracy theorist of the world unite, you have nothing to lose except any vestige of self respect!
  7. Do a google search on Helen Thomas, former Dean of the White House Press Corps and then tell me that the press isn't being coerced.
  8. Helen Thomas was a wacked cnut that has out lived her usefulness as a journo, she was barred from the WH for being a disruptive political tool of the left trying to make headlines. She can still report on whatever she wants, just can't ask the Prez's press sec or the Prez himself questions to try and make headlines for herself.

    Had there been press muzzling going on she would have shown up floating face down in a river :D