Bush Is Serving Up the Cold War Warmed Over


The "war on terror" is turning out to be nothing more than a recycled formulation of the dangerously dumb "domino theory." Listen to the way President Bush justifies the deepening quagmire of Iraq: "Defeat them abroad before they attack us at home." If we didn't defeat communism in Vietnam, or even tiny Grenada, went the hoary defense of bloody proxy wars and covert brutality in the latter stages of the Cold War, San Diego might be the next to go Red.

Now, the new version of this simplistic concept seems to say, "If we don't occupy a Muslim country, inciting terrorists to attack us in Baghdad, we'll suffer more terror attacks at home." The opposite is the case. Invading Iraq has, like the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan before, proved to be a massive recruiting tool for Muslim extremists everywhere. Even the embattled CIA, which the White House is struggling to neuter as a semi-objective voice on foreign affairs, recently declared the Iraq occupation to be a boon to terrorists.
A good article this, and a surprise in the LA Times . Maybe some of our cousins could comment?
Very interesting read. Yes, it does sound too familiar with the events of the Cold War and pre-WWII events as well (in regards to international relations and what not)

The terrible, unspoken truth of the war on terror is that the tragedy of 9/11 has been exploited as a political opportunity by George W. Bush, Halliburton, the Pentagon and the other pillars of what President Eisenhower dubbed the "military-industrial complex" in his final speech as president.
Too true, yet as well as it being an unspoken truth it's also rather obvious. It's a really sad state of affairs when some sinks so low as to use that for their political gain...not to sound illusional or anything.
After the Bolshevik putsch, and through the Cold War, the USSR and its abettors told the world:

We've discovered the way to build Paradise on earth. We want to extend the blessings of communism throughout the planet.

You'll love it. You'd better love it, because, if you don't, we'll kill you.

Now it appears to me that W and company are borrowing their material from the Reds. Just a couple of minor, stylistic modifications: Delete "communism" and replace with "freedom" and "democracy."

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