Bush is cleverer than 95% of us!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. Some egg-head has done an exhausive analymacating of Bush & Kerry's officer candidaturism and standardamacating testification scores:

  2. Does that hold for Bush's knack of speaking absolute sh*te that people can't understand? On that basis, he's gotta be a candidate for Mensa 8O

  3. Bush is cleverer than 46% of mental impaired :D :twisted: Just a yank speaking the truth
  4. Which just goes to prove, intelligence is by no means, the be all and end all. I have an IQ higher than both of them, but cant even be trusted to babysit my sisters cat. Taking responsibility in the military is easy, we are all grown-ups with reasonable nowse and lethal weapons, but taking charge of 280million borderline pondlife (no offence intended to our colonial cousins), calls for something else, an enormous ego perhaps? :wink:
  5. To be honest I've never held human intelligence (not your type Chickboy stop salivating...) to be of much relevence in regards to a social standing.

    There are a lot of people out there who can't do the hardest of mathematical equations but then there are those that can who can't put a cabinet together.

    Now whilst this sounds like the old tale of some people have intelligence and others common sense, it's not. It's just simply saying that different people have different areas they're good at and anyone can be taught how to do the majority of things given time. They may not be great at them but they will be able to do them.

    Now to lead a country, I'd say they don't need a greatly above average intelligence. Rather they need the ability to manage. They won't know all about economics, international politics (although Bush's admission to being a realist is worrying), educational policy, labour concerns and so on. There will be people who do though, and the true test for them is how they manage not only the people but the information that they bring him or her.

    So perhaps the better question is what subjects have these men studied, what do they know and how do they utilise the information coming to them from their advisors?