Bush impeachment 2007?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Bob Woodward is on Larry King Live talking about his new book "State of denial".Seems to me GW just might not survive to the end of his presidency.I smell an impeachment especially now that common wisdom says his party will lose miserably in the midterms.

    Impeach or not impeach thats the question.
  2. It aint going to happen. Not too mention, how biased is this poll?

    There are only a view US Citizens on here. The rest of you don't count for jack $hit, as far as this is concerned.
  3. This is kind of stupid, after all except for any US Citizens here, none of the rest of the posters are in the Constituency of Congress.

    So of course You'll have 200 Yes Votes, but how many really count? Really, it's like asking a Yank if a British Pol. should be Impeached(or whatever it's called in the UK) Simply put it would be None of my Concern.

    A Radical Pipe dream, & the Pipe's filled with Crack. :wink:
  4. Most of the information Woodward puts out is in the public domain.American foreign policy affects not only America but the whole wide world.So if you think the decision to go war in Iraq does not affect you then dont vote in the poll.

    This being mainly a site devoted to Brit insight, and seeing that Blairs blind obedience to GW's point of view has had a negative impact on his legacy, is this not a relevant question?

    The poll is not a general election but a snapshot of popular opinion.
  5. Silly polls are the very lifesblood of ARRSE. I say let 'em vote. Vote early and vote often.
  6. The rest of you, as far as Phil306 is concerned are idiots who dont know shiit about what is going on outside your neighbourhoods.

    Phil306: Now that Mark Foley http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/10/02/foley.quits/index.html has exposed you Neocons for what you are ( a bunch of drunken hypocritic child fondling liars) you are seeking to divert attention from your failures.

    Woodward called it "State of Denial." I call it state of ignorance.Punks,the whole bunch of you.
  7. Fortunately for the shaved Chimp there's a big difference between "should he?" and "will he?".

    One of the most telling things to come out of Woodward's new book is the degree to which Cheney and bush listen to Henry Kissinger. Do you remember him? He's the one that told Nixon to tell the electorate that he had a secret plan to get out of Vietnam in 1968, and told the North Vietnamese to break off peace talks with LBJ because they'd get a better deal under Nixon.

    Of course, once he got in, he managed to prolong the war for another 5 years and nearly double the number of American dead and staged illegal invasions of Laos and Cambodia (US not intl. law) before being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the US withdrawal under almost exactly the same terms as were being negotiated by LBJ in '68.

    Other adventures include the Mayaguez incident, East Timor, Chile and Greece and now that pathetic figure of a man is pretty much unable to leave the country because he's under God knows how many indictments for War Crimes across the world.

    What planet are the dynamic duo on where the above information about their informal advisor doesn't even give them pause for thought?
  8. You’re right that non-US citizens don’t have any influence on the election, or in this case impeachment, of the president of the USA.

    However, I suspect that you, along with a large number of your countrymen, fail to see the dichotomy between that fact and the tendency to refer to the person who holds that office as “the leader of the free world”. He’s not – nor have any of his predecessors been, nor will any of his successors be.

    Most of the people in the “free world”, however one cares to define it, don’t vote for him – he’s not our leader. He’s yours and you’re fücking welcome to him!

    To refer to him as such is an example of that mixture of arrogance and ignorance that typifies the world view of American NeoCons.
  9. I abstained from the poll. The military historian Basil Lidell Hart stated that a commander's decisions must only be judged in the light of the information that was available to him at the time. Such information will probably have been incomplete and/or wrong and would not include the benefit of hindsight.

    In the light of this, I would (reluctantly) give Bush the benefit of the doubt over WMD. Having previously kicked out the UN inspectors, and with his record of wars of aggression, plus the use of chemical agents against his own people, it seemed - at the time - a racing cert that Saddam was developing these weapons.

    However, I said at the time that winning the war would be the easy part, and that managing the peace afterwards would be nigh on impossible. Basically, you cannot take a country from a state of despotism to democracy in the space of a couple of years. You have to be there for the long haul to do that.

    Americans always seems to have the best of intentions, but their simplistic good guy/bad guy approach to foreign affairs usually lets them down big time. Ever since kicking us out in the 1770s/1780s, anti imperialism has been in their DNA. They are now in the position of being a dominant imperial style superpower, which is something that (bless 'em) they just cannot come to terms with.

    It would seem a little unfair to single out George W Bush. All right, he is the leader, and responsibility goes right to the top, but I think that the problem here concerns the whole nation.

    I will listen with the greatest respect to whatever any American members of ths forum have to say about this.

  10. Not wishing to detract from your point in any way, Chinggis but do you think you could spare a minute to pop over to the website below and remind its owner of that simple fact? :wink:

  11. I don't think it's worth doing at this point. Besides, are we going to impeach him so Dick Cheney can be president?
  12. Bush is pursuing the American Empire... just as we pursued ours. It's just distasteful seeing the methods used to build Empires firsthand.

    I would have loved to have seen Colin Powell step up to president. A sound set of ethics.
  13. Much as I detest King George and the GOP, I must admitt they have a Superb Party machine will can and do Lie, Cheat and according to some Steal (Elections).
    Karl Rove is a very cleaver man and as much as I presantly believe the Republicans will lose control of the at least one part of Congress, Rove is capable of turning comming events around to their favoure.
    Wasn't it suggested By Mike Rose that Blur be impeached.
  14. It only lets me vote once :(

  15. Karl Rove is a genius.The sex scandal that was been touted as the straw that would break the Republican's back http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/10/03/foley.scandal/index.html is now been potrayed as the democrats fault by republican controlled media.Because democrats are seen as not being tough on "gayness" they are now being held responsible for creating the atmosphere that produced Mark Foley the perv.He has become the victim.

    It is being said that if the Dems hadn't opposed the proposed law to ban gays from society paedophiles like this guy would be driven to extinction.Pure genius how they are trying to turn this around in to their advantage.