Bush hails 'historic' Sharon plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 14, 2004.

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  1. Way to go George , and a suitable follow up to "Bring them on"

    I guess you weren't thinking of the men and women in the Litter tray , but then again, neither was the evil old b*stard beside you.

    At least our Radiant leader (May his smile etc etc) was a bit more reserved than usual.

    I'm being pessimistic, I'm sure it will all turn out nice in the end 8O
  2. Yes, PTP, and Im Pope Gregory the third!

    Good to see our colonial cousins have really got to grips with this foreign policy thing. America will never see that one of the main reasons why 'the middle east' gets a bit revved up about them is because of their Israel policy. Its like pacifying your enemy, trying to make friends then shagging his mum up the bum then sending him the poleroids.

    When will Israel be allowed to stand on their own two feet? Bloody trouble makers.
  3. I seem to remember reading somewhere that in fact America is a satalite state of Israel!!

    Apparently the Jewish influence in the States is massive. George needs their votes to get a second term!!
  4. Yeah imagine that, those nasty old Israelis :!: Who said that they could mount an aggressive defence of their existence against a group of people sworn to kill them. You know what would be best? Just let them good ole Palestinian bombers carry out their work unmolested after all Israel provoked its constant state of war by being created in '47 and then just not rolling over and dying when the armies of 7 Arab nations attacked it hours after independance. As for the Palestinians they were never forced to flee from their homes by the Israelis..they decided to move out of the way of what they expected to be an unstoppable Arab juggernaut.
  5. Why are we surprised?

    The Israelis are following historical precedent:

    A. Spams v. Native Americans:

    1. Take their land 2. Try to kill them all 3. If 2 fails, put them into camps or reservations and tell them how lucky they are. Repeat step 2 as required.

    B. Germany v. Poland, Russia et al:

    1. As above 2. As above 3. As above.

    The shaved monkey is in no way influenced by the zionist neo-conservatives, nor is he trying to get jewish votes, naturally. Bliar, as usual, nods sagely and does as he's told. The sooner we can vote him out the better.
  6. Unbelievable

    ..............still at least the sitution in Iraq is under control and all goes smoothly there..........

    don't you just love the way civilisation has moved on
  7. Letterwritingman: The Israelis have as much right to defend their existence as any other nation, and you make some good points about the reason why the Palestinians are where they are today. However you fail to see the point of this thread. This is that Dubya has just managed to p*ss off the entire Arab World even more by allowing the Israelis to keep their settlements in the disputed areas of the West Bank. Israel doesn't need these settlements. If Bush told the Israelis to forget about them and withdraw out of the territories it conquered in '67 then much would have been done to calm the Palestinian problem, the Arab World wouldn't be so p*ssed off with the West, and a few less Arab people might want to shoot Americans on sight.

    I have a lot of respect for the Israelis but they need to realise that they are meant to be a civilised westernised nation and that as such they need to compromise a bit more and launch missiles a bit less.
  8. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    And now Israel kills the leader of Hamas straight after Sharon's conference with dubya. Are the arabs going to believe they didn't discuss this? Even if they didn't discuss this murder plan Sharon has realy dropped America in it, and every one in Iraq.

    Hamas is a terrorist orginisation who has killed more Israeli's with suicide bombers than the other terrorist groups. However, after Sharon's conference with dubya you wouldn't have thought they would take this action straight away. With Israel blasting the last leader of Hamas in a wheelchair and his successor, there won't be any shortage of people to take his place, and even more recruits for Hamas now.

    Before anyone says it, yes Israel has a right to protect it's borders. But that's not what it is doing, it's protecting it's illegal ocupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip etc. Israel should withdraw inside it's own borders and then it can put up as many walls as it wants and stop killing the Palestinians. The Palistinians would obviously have to stop killing the Israeli's. I doubt the US would stop support for Israel but it should, let them (the Israeli's) stand or fall on their own feet.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    But they're still just ragheads with a different badge

  10. True, Israel does have a right to defend its borders, Its 1947 borders. Every inch of land it stole from the Palestinians should be returned. I think thats the only reason why Hamas are hitting the Israelis up the bumm with rockets and rocks. Why on hell would Bush accept 4 settlements with 7500 Jewish Settlers to stay in a land that has 2,000,000+ Arabs. Kinda weird for a safety decision. The Israelis want more land (As if they need it, 5 years from now and they would become a minority anyways), they want to place the Palestinians in Cantones and Concentration camps such as Jenin and khan younis. Why are they repeating History and doing what Hitler Did to them... Didnt we stand with them when they were deprived and treated like animals? Did we not help free them from the clutches of Nazi Germany? Why dont we do the same before the Israeli-planned Palestinian Holocaust goes out of Control? It isnt too late, not yet!

  11. Never_Again

    for years and years the Israelis have been pelted with suicide bombers.

    I think that gives them the right to defend all the territory they have.
  12. No T_C_C,

    Suicide bombings started sometime in the mid 1990's, If my memory doesnt fail me, the first Major Suicide bombing took place in a Jerusalem Market. Israel however never stopped killing Palestinian Leaders, even if they ran away. It went to Lebanon and caused a major war where many civilians were killed by Israeli Forces/Allies. They went to Tunisia after that. They sent a commando Force that tried to assasinate PLO Chief Yasser Arafat and his companians. They tried to assassinate (sp?) Mahmood Abbas.

    So if you look at it properly, Israeli actions since 1948, be it the mass killings of civilians, crack-down on Leaders and Parties, invasion of Lebanese/Syrian Land in addition to the West Bank and Gaza (Plus other parts of Israel, such as the city of Lydda and Ramleh), Lead to what we see today as "Palestinian Terrorism". But then every powerful state gives that name to anyone who opposes them. America Calls the Iraqi Resistance forces "terrorists and Muslim Extremists", Israel calls the Palestinians "Militants and Terrorists".

    We have to look at the whole equation, not part of it.

    Israel does something = It gets it back
    Palestinians do something = they get it back
    America supports Israel = it gets kicked in the bum somewhere in Iraq.

    Its Easy, I wonder why people fail to see the whole situation since 1948, rather than the situation after 2000 (The Start of the 2nd Intifada)?!
  13. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    While I agree with the sentiment of your post I want to point out that "We" (the allies) did precisly nothing for the Jews while they were being rounded up and gassed. We allowed many into our country but dismissed their claims of victimisation. It wasn't until we started finding the concentration camps that we realised just how bad it really was. As a kneejerk reaction Isreal was set up. Safe to say that just like so many poorly thought out ideas it was pretty crap.
  14. You're 100% right there. We didnt know, and we didnt find out till it was too late. But shouldnt we learn from Our Mistakes, know when something is happening... We never saw the Jews getting burned or gassed, but we do see Palestinians getting kicked out of their towns and cities, sent to concentration camps (Also called Palestinian Refugee camps) Like Jenin? We see the daily Incursions of Israeli Forces into those camps. They Killed, they raped and they demolished? Arent those signs of a Holocaust that might start or has already started?
  15. That is a gross mis-representation of the situation. You should be ashamed to suggest the actions of Isreal are similar to Hitler's Nazi Germany, i find your comment to be a disgrace, have you no humility. I care not for your reasoning for hating Isreal, do not even dare imply that the Nazi caused holocaust is similar to the situation with Isreal and Palestine.