Bush goes to Hell

George W bush dies and goes to heaven. He meets St. Peter at the golden gates who says "Mr. Bush, you have a choice of where you would like to go, Heaven or Hell."
"well i'm not too sure about hell" Bush replies
"well how about i take you down for a quick visit just so you can be sure." St. Peter replies.
George W agrees and so he and St. Peter travel down to Hell.
Once there, St. Peter says "now i'm going to give you a tour and show you a few aspects of life in Hell"
so St. Peter walks Bush into hell and the first person they come across is Tony Blair. However, Tony is being whipped by a demon whilst carrying a huge rock back and forth.
"well i don't think i like that at all" Bush remarks
"let me show you some more" St. Peter replies
so they continue walking until they come across Richard Nixon.
Nixon is chained to a wall while demons throw rocks at him.
"well i really don't like that" Bush says
"let me show you just a little bit more" St Peter says
so they keep walking until they come across Bill Clinton.
Bill is getting what looks like the biggest and best blowjob imaginable from Monica Lewinski. Bush is completely suprised and starts smiling
"actually St. Peter, that looks great, in fact i've changed my mind, i think i will stay here afterall"
St. Peter replies "if you say so Mr. Bush...
Monica? you can go back upstairs now"

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