Bush given plan to seize Pakistans nuclear arsenal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Dec 1, 2007.

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  2. Ha thats nothing, when we were there helping with the eartquake a while back the local newspapers were proclaiming thats exactly what we were there to do. so they already know!
  3. There's a hidden agenda in most recent US relief efforts in Asia.

    The American effort in the tsunami 3 years ago was probably used as a dress rehersal for the deployment of transport aircraft to expeditionary bases in South East Asia under the cover of aid flight flights.

    Bush was on record as saying'they're only Asians" in the days after the tsunami in late 2004.
  4. who we sending ? the RAF regiment?
  5. ACF! :twisted:
  6. Is that for real? Do you have a confirming source?
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I hope to God that there is a plan - or lots of plans - to secure these warheads. They are reasonably safe in Pakistan now, as they are to deter India but if an islamic state came into existence?

    They cannot be allowed to fall into such hands.
  8. Indeed. As it is Islamofascists already tend to misbehave with box cutters (9/11), TATP (7/7), cars/petrol (29-30/6/07), TNT, RPGs and AK47s.

    Just wait till they get nukes.
  9. Hahaha - yeah right. 'erm yes, what is the money that these plans have not factored in the fact that these weapons are linked to the nationalist psyche of Pakistan? Therefore anyone who would help or was suspected of helping westerners seize them would not last five minutes!
  10. Life will certainly become a tad more interesting should they do so.
  11. I hope it isn't because if it is...I reckon that the element of surprise is now lost.
  12. Look sorry to be a bore but...
    As you can see from the date I started a thread on this a week ago. No one commented. I also posted it on the other Pak Nuc thread running. And no one commented. So I'll post it here in the hope someone fcuking reads it. :D
    The US it appears has been clandestinely involved with the PakNuc business for the past few years. It therefore figures that any speculation as to what might or might not happen next might benefit from knowing whats happened before.

  13. Bush was criticized for his initial slow response to the tsunami,it was 3 years ago,but if I remember correctly,on CNN.

    After that,they seemed to play catch up,and were operating out of Thailand to tsunami affected areas,and sent the USS Abraham Lincoln to Indonesian waters to assist in northern Sumatra.

    The Indonesians were very sensitave to the US military being in their waters.However,with maybe 100,000 tsunami deaths in Indonesia alone,they needed all the help they could get.
  14. Nothing new here, a contingency plan has been in place for years for these types of scenarios.

    It's called CONPLAN 8022.
  15. Oh do us a favour Taz.
    They would be trying to stop a nuclear event happening not start one. Pakistan is supposed to be an 'allie' remember.
    They will probably try and twist the Pak Army's arm into securing the nuks themselves, assisted by heavy breathing US 'advisors' in mufti.

    Using a nuke, to nuke a nuke would in this context, at least at this point in time, be too over the top, (we hope)even for the Bush Whitehouse.
    And putting western troops into Pakistan is out of the question.