Bush details al-Qaeda hijack plot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4697896.stm

    Good fairy-tale. Why mr.Bush didn't use it during the presidential elections? Btw, California was lost.
  2. How would you blow your way into the cockpit?

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. AQ for thinking it or Bush for making it up.
  3. The question comes, they might have wanted that to happen as it would of given them a few new reasons to do something.
  4. I'm Hans Christien Andersen , my pen is a babbling brook :roll:

    Shoe bombs to blow your way through a reinforced door? I'm not up on my dems, but how much C4 are you going to need to gain entry in one hit, without blowing a sizeable hole in the aircraft?

    And I think the passengers would have something to say about people trying to blow a door in front , not to mention the sky marshall.

    How stupid does Rove think the American people are?
  5. Anything is possible nowadays guys. lets not rule it out because W said it might happen.

    1. There are not air marshalls on every flight.

    2. If a terrorist group targets enough planes all at once, they are bound to succeed on one.

    3. It only takes one succesful terrorist to crash a plane into a big tower.
  6. Maybe they are telling the truth?

    I mean, what possible motive could they have to make up such a lie about South East Asians?
  7. California was not lost. We're still right here, attached to Nevada. Easy to find :)

  8. This is a timely reminder of the need for vigilance, and of the dangers of not voting for Mr Bush - the man who steps into the breach when we need somebody to protect our hard-won freedom, our futures and that of our children.

    We are up against a resourceful and fearsome enemy, one which has supplanted the Soviet Union as the biggest threat to world peace.

    Don't let the fact that they live in caves, have silly beards and are armed with rifles fool you - the very fabric of our society is under threat, and we need bigger armies, better weapons and the capacity to smoke them out in whatever far-flung part of the globe they reside
  9. Hmmm....dastardly plot is revealed just as Dubya is starting to feel the heat over his bugging tendencies.... 8O
  10. I don't suppose it's possible that anyone might give any credence to the thought that the US did actually foil various attack plans? It's not an issue of government policy or whether you agree with Bush, after all.

  11. Dear Tanker!

    I meant that during pres. elections in 2004 Republican candidate (mr.Bush) lost them in California. Or maybe I'm wrong?
  12. CT , I would hope everyone knows the TLA security agencies foil attacks, details of which will probably never reach the public domain.

    But please allow us our fun ripping the pi55 out of the President's scriptwriters :D
  13. No, you're right, but that Bush didn't carry California shouldn't be a surprise. I don't think any Republican has carried California, or even come close, since Reagan. It's called the 'Left Coast' for its political leanings, not just the fact that it's on the left on the map.

    (In geographical terms, the state actually is heavily Republican, but the few spots of blue on the map are the major cities, so the Democrats have great weight of numbers)

  14. In other words, just the bits where everybody lives are Democratic. :D If having to move to somewhere like fcuking Baker or Barstow is the price to pay for being able to live with like-minded people, then thank fcuk I'm not a Republican.

    Don't forget Ahhhhnold, the motorcycle demon. :wink:
  15. Mr.Kerry got 54.6% in California and mr.Bush - 44.3% So only 6% swing would change the situation. And California is a very important state in presidential elections because of American system of counting.

    So I wonder. Taking into account the importance of presidential elections (especially in California) it would be very useful to show this story namely in October 2004. It hadn't been done. But why? The only logical explanation - the story was invented quite recently.

    But why has it been invented you may ask. To substitute 'cartoon story' on front pages of main-stream mass media.

    Funny that mr.Bush has made a little (but symbolic) mistake sounding this fairy tale. He said 'Liberty tower' instead of 'Library tower'. It is clear that in 2004 mr.Bush was unaware about this 'terrible' story.