Bush Declares Iraqi Election a Success!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 27, 2005.

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  1. Okay, so the actually voting part hasn't taken place yet.. [ technicalities ]..
    But, Dubya says that just holding the election makes all the death and destruction worth it.. so that the Iraqis can have the same freedoms and choice that Americans have..

    When some press wag challenged him and said that many Iraqis can't vote and many more won't because of fear and intimidation and the likely turnout could be only 35%..Dubya whooped...

    Hell, boy, that's a better turnout than we get in our own elections!! :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    [ over to you, Plastic Yank ]
  2. Did he happen to mention the results? Would save everybody a lot of bother. :roll:

    Admittedly the Pres had a fair point: a turnout anything like that prediction would put our "safe" democracies to shame. Emphasises, perhaps, the importance of the ARRSE voter information campaign. :wink:
  3. Hey, 35% turnout would be good for a British election :lol:
  4. 35% is good in relation to an Iraqi vote turnout, and good generally?

    In fact a 35% turnout, will be worth all the sacrifice? Spiiiiiiiiiiiiin cycle set to max. revolutions. :roll:

    No doubt. Now let's talk about the 65% disenfranchised voters. The ones who have been disenfranchised through fear, bloody mindedness, or who regard the 'elections' as a fraud, especially when Allawi stays in a job he wasn't voted into.

    Let's talk about that 65% with an AK and an attitude.

    America is already talking abut staying there for 2 more years, and Allawi has announced there is no intention of asking the coalition to leave.

    Which is odd, considering we don't know what the 'elected' body will say yet.

    Now taking bets on an Allawi party landslide, forming a power broking coalition with an organisation that has Chalabi at the back of it. :evil:
  5. To be fair to Bush.. most of the country is ' ready' for this.. 14 of the 18 provinces are relatively stable and one can reasonably expect a large voter turnout.. certainly the Kurds will be out in their areas to make sure their voice is heard..one more step on their way to an independent Kurdistan , if they can do it..

    The Shia areas , also, will be strongly represented at the polls..they, too , have a vested interest in getting their people elected, for obvious reasons..

    Its only in the Sunni dominated sectors that the problem lies; partly sour grapes as they were top dogs before and now don't have the numbers to make the same play in an open democratic situation where numbers matter.. Its here, too, that the insurgents/agent provocateurs, Iranian subversives, Syrian fith columnists, etc.. are all doing their damndest to screw things over.. trouble is. its these areas that represent about half the population of the country and not having them vote, or blowing up people at polls screws the whole thing so that the results look tainted no matter what....

    not that I'm excusing the blatant attempt to have Allawi elected and the money spent to flood his name and ' party ' all over Iraqi TV and Press by his supporters and the US ...

    the best thing would have been to delay the election [ since its only to pick a bunch of people to keep the momentum going.. their primary task is to draft a new constitution so that ' proper elections' can be held in a year's time -not run the cou8ntry ]

    The US needs more time to sell the ' hearts and minds' and can't do that when they got to keep distancing themselves from the locals [ for obvious safety reasons ] and not gaining control of neighbourhood issues which is the one thing that everyone can relate to...

    Still, come Monday...
  6. We don't have problems with the Shia at the moment because they think they're going to get what they want. However, they do not want Allawi and his gang of US backed expatriates. If the election places that crew into power then stand by for fireworks that will make the current unpleasantness seem like a mild disagreement. Iraq is far more complex than the rather facile Shia = good Sunni= bad views expressed by many.
  7. If I could just pick out 2 points from Mushroom and Rocketeer.

    Rocketeer, the Kurds . Oh yes, they'll be voting in massive numbers, to ensure they fill their percentage quota of seats. They'll also be looking to have drafted into the new constitution , that consideration of self-rule for a new Democratic republic of Kurdistan is placed on the statute.

    Which will of course send Turkey into raptures of delight. 8O

    Which leads on to the Shia thinking they will get what they want.

    Well, they won't , and there will be gunplay. Why? Because after the initial bad feeling and exchanges of lead, because individual shia reps haven't been elected , or there are rumours of unfair treatment, will lead to a greater fracas, unless there is total transparency and repudiating statements.

    Which cannot come from Allawi , because the man is just a bloody stooge, and the locals know that too. The overwhelming effort, going into foisting this man on the Iraqi population, is a bloody disgrace.

    Any statements that the election is fair and honest, have to come from the religious leaders, or the men of influence. If it comes from Allawi, the World, never mind the Iraqis , will be saying 'Yeah right' . So much for any future support for the coalition.

    Secondly , if the Kurds get what they want, and the Shias and Sunnis don't? Standby standby.

    Thirdly, what the hell makes anyone think there will be another set of elections at the bottom end of the year?

    Do you think these "democratically elected representatives" will want to lose their power bases in 12 months time?

    What a fcuking mess . All because some blinkered , bigoted arrogant fools think they can remake Iraq in their image, or at the least , change 10,000 years of fracticide and in-fighting, by holding a quasi-election

    Still on a positive note , that clown Feith is on the way out.

    One down :evil:
  8. If Churchill had just created Kurdistan when he was carving up the Middle East, we wouldn't have alot of these problems now. :wink:
  9. He couldn't do that Corporal

    After all, where would the RAF have bombed instead? :D