Bush-Cheney beyond 08?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Devil_Dog, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. I was having a chin wag with my grandpops this morning about the sorry state of the world in general.The conversation drifted to the mid east crisis and on how it might affect world affairs in the next 10-15 years.Now, Gramps is an old hand at world affairs.He froze his nuts off in the Korean War back before Kim Jong Ill graduated from arrse wiping school.He served a tour or two (his memory is not what it used to be) back in Nam.However among the Dog clan, which I am closely affiliated to, he is generally considered an expert on all things unexplained and all matters mysterious.To be fair most of our acquiscence to his opinion largely stems from the fact that his last will and testament is rumoured to change on a daily basis to reflect his constantly changing likes and dislikes.

    Having dispensed of the preamble, let me get to the point.

    Gramps has a very interesting theory.He says there is a plan to keep Bush and Cheney in office beyond '08.No fecking way,you might say.There is a provision in the old constitution that clearly says two non-consecutive terms blah blah blah.Thats what I told him too.But he shushed me and told me to listen.Like the inheritance hungry grandson that I am I gave him my keen ear.

    This is the gist of what he said.

    Between now and the mid term elections in November there is going to be attack on the US mainland.The attack will either be made to happen or be allowed to happen.Something really big that is gong to scare the living daylights out of the masses.Iranian "DNA" will be found at the scene of the crime.The Republicans will ride the subsequent wave of fearful anger and manage to keep their majorities in both houses of congress.With momentum on their side an attack on Iran will be carried out (deja vu Afghanistan anyone?) sometime early next year.Being so close to election time,a constitutional amendment will be proposed to effect emergency powers to allow for a continuation of the Bush presidency thus repeating Pres Roosevelt's achievement of being in office for more than 8 years.

    Strangely enough there was a report on TV today that the US Justice Dept is getting rather peessed off that the intelligence agencies havent been able to find more evidence to warrant a heightened state of security.

    According to Gramps,the public is slowly but surely being mentally prepared for things to come through the frequent news of planes being turned back in midflight and the constant news of high profile arrests that always turn out to be nothing the local sheriff couldnt have handled.

    So Arrse people,has my Gramps totally lost it or have I for listening to him?
  2. Sounds way out there to me. I just don't think it would work
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    How does your Grandpops feel about our (USA) landing on the moon? Is he one that thinks it was created in Arizona? Was 911 a conspircy?, TWA Flt 800 another conspricy? Has he seen the Black Helicopters too?

    Short answer, no way!

    BTW: Another Korean war veteran that froze his balls, as well as fingers, nose, feet and ears! :wink:
  4. For once I agree with Trip_Wire. I feel so, so dirty- and not in a good way.

  5. Unlikely but I bet they've ****ing considered it though.
  6. Wont put anything past this mob.If only half of what they have been accused of is true,there is is a possibility anything might happen.Could explain why with both of them supposedly not running in 2008,no clear front runner has emerged even this late in the game.McCain is still groping in the dark trying to find his rythm.Everybody else is just a wanna be.

    Plan might be to build somebody up and at the last moment have him/her defer to the the incumbents in the name of national survival.

    Nothing surprises me anymore.
  7. Time to buy shares in Bacofoil then...
  8. I think there's a very good chance that Devil_Dog's grandaddy might be right on the button with this one. I don't believe that Bush the Berk and Dick(head) Cheney want to relinquish power.

    When the brown and smelly hits the whirly thing, expect to see Ronald Dumbsfeld ousted and Cheney assume all power. The man's a fückin' nightmare!

  9. DD - As I'm due over begining of November on a jolly you couldn't delay things a bit could you? :D
  10. DD. What's your gramp's opinion on World Trade Center 7? The building that never had a plane crash into it, but was filmed collapsing in very orderly fashion about 7 hours after the others?
  11. As much as they would like to, I am sure they have neither the ability or support.
  12. Grampappy was too late - the world ended on Dec 31st 1999.

    Funny if it happened though :twisted:
  13. Well

    Three months and counting tick tick tick
  14. The preamble might have weakened your credibility.

    I dont think America will plan an attck on its own land, but if it finds one going ahead - then stopping the plan at jsut the right time and getting everyones ring piece flexing could see them through into a longer term.

    Why would they want a longer term, Bush has had his Mission accomplished flight suit on a carrier speech, from here on in the situation s only going to get owrse, I dont think he can fix it in his next term anyway, I reckon he plans to go out on a high, not after opening yet another foreign war in the middle east.

    He could stay, I wouldnt put your plan out of the relams of possiblity but i dont think he wants to hang around when the entire house of cards is about to collapse.
  15. If there was such a thing as Justice then Bush & Cheney would be looking at a trial cum early 09.
    I do not doubt for one second that if they thought they could hang on to power they would.
    Much as I would like to see Labour out of power in UK, I still cannot see the GOP loosing the 08 elections and that is from someone who has said they will probably/possibly loose both houses in Novembers elections.
    Hilsey for President Ha Ha Ha.
    or as we say where I cum from 5 5 5.