Bush calls for action on terror

US President George W Bush has described last week's London bombs as "an attack on the civilised world" adding they would not be tolerated.
Speaking at the FBI academy in Virginia, Mr Bush said: "We continue to take the fight to the enemy and will fight till this enemy is defeated."

He said the bombs were proof of the need for an aggressive war on terror.
Well instead of sporting the same old dopey clueless f*wit expression every time something goes off, why doesn't he do something about it?

The answers can be provided by Michael Moore...
Leme me guess the US Inteligence services have proof that the bombers in london are:
A) syiran
B) Iranian

and they where bassed in france...?
There was a report made last night on BBC24 which I've not seen since, that suggested they had used 'Military-grade' explosives.
tomahawk6 said:
They do have a man in custody who is "assisting the police in their inquiries". Perhaps he will be able to clarify matters.
Although of debatable effectivity, it's almost a shame we cant fly him off to Egypt quietly for a bit of "special questioning"

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