Bush/Bliar meeting - the people speak

This from the 'Have your say' section of the BBC News site:


It seems that the majority of contributors have seen through the Dear Leader and the Depilated Primate. I particularly liked these efforts:

Tony Blair - "visionary leader"? He ought to go down to Specsavers and then he could give the second free pair to Bush!!!!!
A meeting of minds? Certainly a meeting devoid of conscience.
It's appalling that Blair left the country on Remembrance Day. He should be laying poppies at the fresh graves he helped to create. He should be honouring Britain's honourable and brave.
From an American, too!
Pretty much sums up 'oh great leader'. He aint a leader, hes a head of a PR company. Disgusting. I do not wish to live in a country were the leadership puts w ank ers before people and their families who have enabled him to change MY country to the extent it has been in the past seven years. A minus side to democracy IMHO.
I feel the time has come for the people to decide that a Parlimentary Democracy does not work. When I say people, I mean those that choose to work and actually have an input to the country they live in, regardless of colour or religious background.

Chav benefit fraudster with 7 sprogs purely for financial gain, that discludes you. Even if you are a white hetro male. An Asian shop owner who grafts his tits off and actually pays into the well being of this country should have more rites and in my opinion is worth 50 of your types.

Sort of reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons. The one were Homer uses a toaster as a time machine and finds himself in a world ruled by Flanders. Who as the laughing assisin is a totalitrian leader, over watching his 'flock'. It would be really funny if it wasnt half true.
I think the political world and the media underestimate the real level of hatred towards Bliar. When "Hail to the Chimp" visits in Feb 05, this hatred will be stoked even further. Come the General Election, Bliar will be unable to campaign for fear of eggs, half-bricks and worse. Liabour are going to get an unprecedented kicking which will lead to Bliar's exit stage left, pursued by a bear...

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