Bush , Blair bomb plot foiled..


Ankara: Turkish police probing a suspected plot to bomb a NATO summit in Istanbul next month said yesterday nine men had been charged with belonging to an illegal organisation and seven others had been released.

US President George W Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac are among dozens of Western leaders due to attend the summit in Turkey's largest city on June 28-29.

The police said the nine men charged by a state security court are believed to belong to Ansar al-Islam, a banned militant Islamist group. They were detained on April 29 in the town of Bursa, 250km south of Istanbul.

The seven freed men had no proven link to the organisation.

On Monday, a state security court in Istanbul freed nine other men briefly detained for suspected involvement in the plot.

Tempted to comment, but I don't like the idea of 4 useful looking blokes in an X5 camped in me driveway :D

Anyway, well done to the Turkish old Bill for foiling the attempt.
Indeed. Blair, Chirac and Bush. It would of been a tragedy.


Chiracs response was to announce that France has raised its terror alert level from "run" to "hide."
The only two higher levels in France are "surrender" and "collaborate." 8)
And Dick Cheney and the US oil industry would of lost their front-man :roll:

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