Bush, Blair agree on F-35 fighter technology transfer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, May 27, 2006.

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  1. http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=worldNews&storyID=2006-05-26T204349Z_01_N26239419_RTRUKOC_0_UK-ARMS-USA-BRITAIN.xml&archived=False

  2. Clearly, it's a sound investment, long overdue, and meets with the stark and growing threat posed by all stone-throwing nasties across the world. Bin Laden will also have to revisit his own state-of-the-art defences.

    Anybody who insists it's a waste of money, and that there isn't actually a threat to the West needs their bumps feeling.
  3. You can still knock it out of the sky with a catapult and a bag of nuts and bolts

    But i agree - this aircraft type is long overdue, about time we had some stealth technobabology on our side.

  4. So, going to scrap your Rafales then ?

    I didn't think so.
  5. The issue was not 'is it needed', but will the UK get it. The tech transfer is being stopped by a few congressmen, who do not feal that the tech transfer is justified. Its not Bush's decision. So this story is irrelevant to the question 'Will the RAF get JSF?'
  6. Frechperson....

    Are you by anychance from the French branch of the Sandys family?
  7. I though the Typhoon had a better cost/stealth ratio than both the JSF and the F22 that has been deemed more than adequate for the next few years of ops at least.

    I suppose JSF is future-proofing though.
  8. It's also, in one variant at least, carrier capable.
  9. About frenchie.......

    He's one of the un-washed looney brigade...

    concerned about world issues, caring, peacefull,polite and apologetic...

    As long as you see things his way and like murdorous/rapist terror suspect immigrants claming dole.

    If not he'll sling poo at you and call you a baby killer.
  10. Stand-by announcment of Blair appointment to non-exec position on the board of BA Systems.
  11. About me......

    Had a shower this morning, as I do each day

    Concerned about world issues - yes; caring - I like to think so; peaceful - most of the time; polite - most of the time, but that gets sorely tested on this forum; apologetic (if you mean apologist for dictators and tyrants or something along those lines, then not at all - I criticise the likes of the Saudis, the Burmese government, the Israelis quite frequently for their murderous tactics.

    As long as you see things his way - very few posters on this forum have ever agreed or sympathised with my point of view, and I often have the usual suspects ganging up to have a pop. So can I level that accusation at those who do this?

    I don't 'like murdorous/rapist (sic) terror suspect immigrants claiming dole -' is that splurge a concoction of some recent Daily Mail headlines? I would like to think that we can grow to be a tolerant nation that will extend a helping hand to anybody fleeing tyranny from brutal foreign governments. This will be an uphill battle when we're fighting the disinformation that pours from the printing presses of tw@s like Rupert Murdoch. This idea of workshy scroungers coming over here to sponge from us is tiresome and way overblown. There are some, I have to agree, but it's a tiny percentage. Most are honourable human beings who deserve a fresh start.

    I've never called members of the Armed Forces 'baby-killers', although I may have referred to innocent children who have been killed in Palestine or Iraq. This needs to be talked about, not swept under the carpet.

    And as for slinging poo, I may have occasionally lapsed into name-calling, but it's only when the likes of Biscuits_AB comes on here and proves yet again that the area of calcified connective tissue around his/her cerebellum is of the numb variety.
  12. To the NAAFI! Away!
  13. Good spot Bombard. It's Congress that has to authorise the Transfer, not Monkey Boy. All this amounts to is a declaration of the President's support, and in the run up to an election I dare say that many Congressmen, eager to distance themselves from 29% Man, would be looking at a fairly high profile, but essentially throw-away issue like this to demonstrate that they're not in the White House's pocket.
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think that Bliar should spend the whole MoD budget buying up the great primate's cast offs. We (UK) could then sack all soldiers because we are being protected by these super planes. Ooops - I thinks that is already happening :cry: