Bush adviser charged with thefts


US President George W Bush's former political adviser has been charged with stealing more than $5,000 (£2,900) from department stores.
Mr Allen was arrested on Thursday by police in Montgomery County, Maryland
A Target employee said he saw Mr Allen put items in an empty Target bag, which he then took to the refund desk with a receipt, and claimed money back, Reuters said, citing a police statement.
Are you surprised?
LordVonHarley said:
That one hell of a lot of post-it's!
Politics is a very interesting matter.

If you steal $5000 you are dirty thief

If you steal $5,000,000 then you a businesman with some problems with the Law.

But if you steal $5,000,000,000 then you are respected politician, public figure and should be decorated by orders and medals.
So now we know where Bush got his ideas from. Is he going to pull out of Iraq and ask for a refund?
Its along the same lines as
If you owe the bank £1000 then they own you.
But if you owe the bank £100,000,000 then You own the bank.

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