Bush admits secret CIA terror detentions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=topNews&storyID=2006-09-06T214607Z_01_N06455488_RTRUKOC_0_US-SECURITY-USA-DETAINEES.xml&src=090606_1816_TOPSTORY_cia_program_revealed

    Secret? In other shocking news , Fire is hot, and water is wet.
  2. George w bush, guardian of truth, justice and the american way.

  3. now while I get the inherent, healthy dose of sarcasm in that sentence many (especially those from "o'er the pond") may not... perhaps we could have 'sarcasm' smiley...




    EDIT:- cannot claim responsibility for the above 'altered images' - found them on the web some time ago.
  4. PJ, you are correct, my apologies to any septics on the forum who took offence. :lol:

    no offence was intended.


    Edited to change the emoticon.
  5. Seriously, I simply wanted to emphasize that this is another example of the dichotomy between what the US practices, (rendition, guantanamo bay) and what it preaches. (freedom, justice, equality) I did not intend to contribute to another 'america bashing' thread.

  6. understood :wink:
  7. well will remove the images that seem to cause the risk of US bashing - wasnt exactly wanting to get peoples undies wadded up.

    although I do think they illustrated the point - although a certain amount of 'tongue in cheek' was need (exactly how much depends on your view point.
  8. Personally I dont see the problem. If these terrorists committed more acts then people would be up in arms asking why nothing was being done. When something is done that infringes upon their "rights" the same people are up in arms about that. If these prisons save lives then surely they are a good thing.
  9. Now that the Shrub has admitted it I wonder what those who said it wasn't/couldn't be true have to say to themselves?

    We discussed the possiblity on this thread

    EU and US Secret Prisons
    a while ago.

    Is Tomahawk still around?
  10. I'm left wondering why has he decided to 'admit' it openly now?

    What's going on? :?

    I suspect there is more to this than just an 'admission'.
  11. If he'd kept his mouth shut he, they could have been topped and no one would know about it. Well, not until a leak sprung from the White House.
  12. I thought the bit about making them think they are drowning, and saying "no, that's not torture" was wonderful

  13. Well, as a matter of pure coincidence, :wink: the House and Senate are currently debating bills aimed at providing new measures to try suspected terrorists- after the Supreme Court ruled that the original system of military tribunals was ruled unconstitutional. Unfortunately for the Administration and Congressional Republicans, it would appear that military lawyers aren't very big fans of the new proposals either. Maj Gen Scott Black, the Army Judge Advocate General, has testified today that he opposes the plans, especially the prosection's right to withold evidence from the defence:

  14. Have I missed the part where the actual countries where these secret gaols are ?
  15. The whole idea of taking suspects out of the US was to remain within the law. It enabled the men in suits to do things legally in those countries that they couldn't do in the States. Despite squeals from liberals, the US acted legally. It's unpleasant certainly, but so was 9/11.

    If the CIA were able to just extract informaton totally regardless of human rights, the suspects would be fish food off Miami right now, having lost much of their minds and most of their genitals.