Bus lane rakes in £20,000 a day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by REMEbrat, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. I got lost once in Hayes, was driving round like a looney and so I deceided to follow a police car. Next thing is I've got a £60 fine for being in a bus lane (I did get 4 nice ptohos of it that I put on my FB page for £15 a photo) and in the photos there's me tailing a police car. Bet they didn't get a ****ing fine!
  2. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    That road is round the back of the shopping centre and runs past a bus station. As the bus lane has only been open a month, I wonder how many people dropping friends and relatives of at the bus station have been caught. Knowing the County Council, I'll bet the signs aren't conspicuous. In addition, that road runs parallel to a main road, so isn't used much by traffic anyway. This smacks more of a money making camera than one for which there is a practical need.

    They have a bit of previous for this. There was a speed camera on a nearby industrial estate. For years, the speed limit was 40 mph. Then the council changed it to 30. All they did was change the 40 signs to 30 - no other warning. The speed camera did a roaring trade for a month just because people were accustomed to driving at 40 mph down that road.

    And the police are a bit sneaky with their mobile speed trap as well. It's a van with a camera mounted in the offside back door. The camera takes a picture and you get a fine a few days later. (I got caught about 2 mph over the speed they prosecute at). But it's almost invariably parked in a lay-by or on a verge on a bend so that the van is not conspicuous until you're on it.

    You can put up speed cameras to help with road safety or you can use them as cash cows. Hemel Hempstead are more inclined to the latter.

  3. How much more warning is needed? Not much point putting another sign up if drivers ignore the ones that are already up...
  4. More signs the better, as it is a finable ofences to distract your eyes from the road and other drivers with enjoyable tasks such as eating, drinking, smoking or tuning the radio at the wheel. But YOU MUST OBSERVE all of the signs in .2 seconds to ensure that know what you are allowed to do :)
  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    They could have put some temporary signs up for a month saying "speed limit changed". Ditto the bus lane - temporary signs for a month, not just snare people who haven't spotted the smallish new signs.

    You can use speed cameras intelligently. About 10 miles of the A127 leading into Southend has continuous average speed cameras. The traffic is very well behaved because there's no point in breaking the limit now - under the old 'single point' speed cameras people braked hard just before them and put their foot down afterwards.

    Plus, some of those speed actuated warning signs are just as effective - if one flashes at me because I've let my speed get a fraction high, I lift off the accelerator.

    It's what I said earlier - you can use speed cameras to improve road safety or you can use them to make money...

  6. Except those that (when you're in a National Speed Limit zone) flash at you when you are 10 miles under the limit. If the speed limit is fast enough that you need to be shouted at be a flashing sign to slow down, why not reduce the speed limit?
  7. What i would suggest to people is that if they ever get a council ticket, always, always, always contest it. If you need help doing it go to this site for help.

    PePiPoo: Helping the motorist to get justice They have very knowledgable people on there who will help you.

    Never ever pay a private parking ticket, that is just a scam. Google private parking tickets and just see.
  8. Well, seeing as emergency vehicles are allowed to use bus lanes, I suspect that you're right.

    What I want to know is why the **** are taxis and minicabs allowed in the ****ing bus lanes? What ****ing sense does that make?
  9. With all the publicity and media stories and internet blogs/posts etc etc about speed cameras, clamping and parking fines you would have thought that even the brain deadest thick as pigshit IQ of a stunned newt driver would have realised that breaking the law whilst driving is not a sensible idea.

    But still they manage to collect £millions in fines every month. Tells you something about the character of the drivers tbh.
  10. You mean like the fuckwit that overtook me this morning in a known 30mph speed trap area. Just because people can't allow enough time to get somewhere it becomes my fault when they are in a rush.
  11. There's a legal requirement to advertise the change at least 4 weeks before making the Order, to allow for objections, which have to be considered. Then they can ignore the objections and do it anyway.
  12. If you're struggling to take it all in, slow down. If you're not able to take in everything that is going on from building line to building line from your limit point (The furthest distance you can see in the direction you intend to travel) to your bonnet you're leaving something to chance and need to slow down to a safer speed for your capability.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Taxis are public transport so the justification is, public transport saves the polar bear. Personally I like No Car Lanes. If they make me insure the Landy as a commercial cos its got 3 seats, its a no car.

    On changing the speed limit - the Council did that in me Mums village. The Rozzers had their van out all week. Cue Angry of Andover letters to the papers. I seem to remember all the tickets got cancelled. Its a rich little village. High proportion of solicitor, rich ******* and others of their ilk.
  14. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    14 vehicles an hour 24 hours a day. Really?