Bus lane penalty charge notice

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CptDanjou, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Just received a bus lane penalty charge notice , £60 or 50% discount if I pay early , the thing is my mate was driving , he a Frog and is now back in France , on the paperwork there is a Statutory grounds for appeal sect it does not mention what to do if the car is being driven by a "friend " , shall I pass his address on in France , if he does not pay will they pursue me ? Ideas?
  2. He was driving, pass it on to him.

    Or claim you can't remember who was driving, apparently that's quite fashionable.

    Just make sure it was 'legit' for him to drive...
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  3. Things to consider; Was he legally covered to drive......either as regards your insurance policy or as a French Citizen driving in the UK (an EU Licence isn't necessarily enough certainly regarding any insurance policy) ?

    If he was then tip him the wink and inform the authorities accordingly. Why should they pursue you if as you say someone else was driving (You may need to also consider; can you provide evidence to suggest he was driving / you weren't driving at that time?)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    You have French friends?

    I'd have paid £30 just to keep that fact quiet...
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  5. Isn't it for them (not THEM) to prove this?

  6. He's a Frog!

    He's Guilty!

    Bubble his arse!

    Between you & me & the readers of Arrse, I think that you were driving & are trying to get out of paying the fine!

    Stay out of the ******* bus lane you dopey ****!
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  7. I spotted that, but I took it to mean he'd whistled up a Frenchman to bring some tax-free booze over from France, and he was doing is patriotic as a Frenchman to drive his English better to/from the Pub.

    'To the pub mon Milicien!
  8. The Bar* missed out when you went Traffic warden eh?

    *Not the Traf.
  9. As the registered keeper of the vehicle, the obligation is on you to say who was driving that vehicle at the material time.

    You are also liable under use, cause, permit, if you allow a person who is not insured or has a valid D/L to drive your vehicle.

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  10. Going from memeory, there is legislation of about 2000 which makes the owner liable if the driver is 'unavailable' Read the notice carefully as it may give a reference to this or the Act which you can then look up.
  11. Or you could just pay the £30, quit the whinging and when you next see him, get the cash back from him.
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  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Try posting here. In amongst the sea of utter ******* on that site (if you thought Robbeaus was a twat..) there are some who are very knowledgeable about this sort of thang. Give it a go.

    Speed, Plod & the Law - PistonHeads
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  13. All this just to borrow £30? Just ask FFS.
  14. Thanks for the offer , send it by paypal to cheersmate@ripoff.com
  15. Consider the time and effort required to avoid paying the charge. It will probably work out simpler and easier to cough up and avoid wasting your time.

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