Bus Fight with Soldier

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Your_Mums_Pal, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Mate of mine filmed this ages ago and didn't realise he'd stuck it on youtube.

    Lad comes back from Afghanistan. Waits at bus stop in pishin' rain whilst a 'black guy winds him up' and then gets on the bus and proceeds to moan about said black guy. Hilarity ensues. Best part is clearly the guy in the red jumper, keep an eye out for this twat.

    Don't know what to think about this, I'm not in the army so I just see it as a 'meh' sort of moment. Up to you guys to comment. The soldier seems a bit like a twat but he makes a valid point. He's just spent six months rolling around in the desert fighting the bad guys.

    YouTube - Glasgow Soldier boy bus fight

    Here's the description as told by mate:

    Make sure you have your sound up to here this one, its all banter!

    The story here is a soldier boy freshly home from afghan had trouble getting on the bus as a black guy was winding him up at the bus stop. When he did get on...
    he started saying racist things like "See them black people, they are the reason for terrorists, fucking don't belong here"
    This made everyone on the bus slate the idiot, and too right he had it coming!


    Soldier boy calling an old woman "whitey" because of her white hair.
    To which she replied "Aye well thats pound shop gear" because of his cheap looking soldier uniform.

    Soldier boy kept saying to everyone "Here show some respect i was out fighting terrorists in Afghan, do you know were you would be right now if i didnt? Either dead or under bed covers because of all the fucking bombs going off everywhere"

    The old posh man in the red tried to get him flung off but in the end got chucked off by the police himself!
  2. At the very start, after the camera stops moving, there's a blue neon sign reflected in the bus window.

    Does it read CUNT?
  3. Probably.

    I wasn't there...though I did have the pleasure of seeing this video before it went public. Lucky me.

    Read the comments, couple of folk claim to know him and say he's never done a tour and they don't know how he got a hold of dessie number 2's. Apparently his name is Dodds.
  4. I tried to read the comments, but is it humanly possible? Do YouTube retain a special cadre of functionally-illiterate trolloons for the specific purpose of posting gibberish about their videos? Are they then rewarded with quantities, very large quantities, of industrial-strength Tarzan's Grip?
  5. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Is this how he dresses on his nights off?
  6. Quality camera work, makes watching a treat.

  7. Eh?! I'm lost?
  8. It's a Dogme 95 thing, you bourgeois fool ^_~
  9. I hope you told your mate what a brave boy he is. Hiding his camera phone from the nasty man while he is dealt with by the auld fella and by the sounds of it an auld dear. Nice friends you've got.
  10. Yeah the youtube page is full of quotes like that, calling Scott a wuss because he's trying to keep the camera covered and stuff. I don't think it's very fair, it's just such an awkward moment captured on film. He's not Stephen Spielberg, he just happened to be caught in the middle of an odd situation and hit the record button.

    Really all he wanted to do was get the bus home with his missus, no crime in that.

  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I saw lots of chairs, old dears, some dick in dessies and a bloke in a red jacket moving about, and apart from that, everyone's speaking in a foreign language.

    That's 2 minutes of my life wasted. Who can I claim from, and do they have a legal system in that country?
  12. Quite impossible I'm afraid: no erections and no incest.
  13. I wonder if someone can help me with this. Is the bus a Titan Mk4 with the inverted passenger grab handles because if it is they should only have been fitted before the Scanis Promove was put into service, I'm in two minds over this, any bus spotters in?
  14. With camerawork like that, maybe we couldn't see them?
  15. I'm sorry to have to disagree again: the nearly excessive fluidity and organic motion of the lens, the expressive, one might almost say, naive composition, the harsh yet precocious lighting style - this piece is clearly an important example of Cinéma Vérité at it's best.