Bus Drivers, greedy cnuts!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Looks like the fuukers are wanting more money just for doing the same job........the cunnnts! and these are the same twats who drag on about the bankers being greedy FFS

    Remember its NAAFI tits, rapists and all that!!
  2. It’s because the greedy tube staff got extra money. I would have told them to fuck off.
    If you want to strike during the games and make the county a laughing stock, go on.
    They will be the ones that have to face the public afterward and by the way, we haven’t got enough police to give you protection when you get back to work.
    The Londoners would lynch the greedy bastards.
  3. It's a known fact that most bus drivers only took the job on for the school run. If they persist in this strike bollocks, their names and addresses should be made public in The Sun and the Mail as the paedos they are, and natural justice can take it's course. Threaten us would you? How d'ya like them apples?
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  4. Rumour has it they have agreed to take a cut in pay after the olympics, if their buses aren't used to capacity.

    (All pigs fuelled and on the runway ready for take off.)
  5. It's OK...they can strike.....the Army will drive the buses instead!........:thumright:............:)
  6. Greedy barstewards. Hope a thousand pikeys crap in their buses. That'll learn 'em.
  7. I was a London bus driver years ago. One morning with a bus load of passengers at the height of the rush hour I was just about to pull off the stand at Crystal Palace to go to Highgate. The conductor came to me and said the bell system had broken so the bus had to go out of service. The inspector pleaded with me to take the bus through for the sake of the poor passengers and I agreed as the conductor could signal me by banging on the glass window behind my cabin and stamping on the floor at the front if upstairs. We duly completed the journey and the bus was taken out of service to be fixed. The inspector commended me to the board of London Transport and I was given a special award.

    The no bell prize.

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  8. Have we still got an Army??

  9. And they have poor personal hygiene, what the fuck are those stains on their trousers?
  10. You beat me to it, well said.
  11. But the bankers DO get a bonus and it's a fuck site more than the £500 than they're asking for, anyhow the managers are missing a trick here they can tell them it's a bonus for not phoning in sick over the Olympic period hey presto 2 birds an all that.

    Tits & fannies.
  12. Surely, at £2.40 for a cup of plain ordinary coffee, a hot dog for £5.00, a muffin and a cookie for £5.00 or a bag of crisps for £1.50, they are only joining the rest of the rat pack in profiting from their monopoly at this prestigious event?
  13. No they wouldn`t. They`d just whinge a bit and wonder how they can demand extra dosh for working during the Olymbollocks.
  14. *News Flash*... TFL, Rail and tube Bosses in line for mega bonuses due to increased profits during the Olympics.....just for doing 'their' fecking job, but it's easier to whinge about the pittance - in comparision, that the actual drivers/staff get as they are easier targets.

    Classic divide and rule...and some people are falling for it.

    For sure, no one should get anything extra 'just for doing their job'...so to put it into perspective, should the suits get their profit related or any other criteria of bonuses 'just for doing their job' of managing/running it'?