Bus driver given Military Cross

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4721897.stm

    Darren , congratulations well done . Does this mean we'll have to get a special Arrse medal made up? :D
  2. If its the attack I recall.............he didn't get through to fortress lines.
  3. How touching! Well done :D
  4. Top notch! have a great day mate.
  5. I helped treat him on the day. It was a shame the Lt leading only got an MiD, but nevertheless, the lad did well and 'soldiered on' despite his wounds.

    8 May 04- Grim day!
  6. What did he ACTUALLY do except returning fire after being shot?

    Dismount, single-handlely charge down the insurgents, rescue his comrades from the burning vehs, call in sp whiclt returning fire, resus his mucker while under fire then launch a counter attk.....

    or just get shot and cabbie off some rounds...

    and no, I'm not dissing him, just curious to know what he did....the event isn't vey well reported, not even in the fine instituation of "the Sustainer???"
  7. There was a daily water convoy which had to go round all the camps in Basra to resupply. It consisted of a number of water tankers and as well as an integral escort (RLC) a Multiple (+) was assigned to escort - a duty known as 'Op Certain Death' and not particularly well-received, such was the frequency of attacks on the convoy. On the day in question, Sat 8 May, as the convoy was coming into Basra from Shaibah it was contacted from a well-prepared ambush at the first crossroads. This was cleared and the convoy moved on- it then became clear that at pretty much every crossroads into the city there was an ambush. The Commander (Lt referred to previously) thus went forward to clear of insurgents, covered convoy, then overtook to do the same, distinguishing himself in a number of actions. This rolled on until the convoy finally found refuge in the Baath Party Headquarters. Aforementioned LCpl did well, undoubtedly, but Commander dismounting, clearing, leading, going forward to do the same and keeping everyone going did particularly well. Awarded MiD- which was a kick in the teeth for the Cheshire Regiment. Whilst 1 PWRR were in a VERY difficult position in Al Amarah, the Cheshires were facing similar activity, and doing a good job, in the violent upsurges in May and, more notably, August.

    I write this to inform and with opinion; not to upset- please take it as it is meant.
  8. A few extracts taken from the Jun edition of the RLC Corps Rag, The Sustainer

    “LCpl Darren Dickson from the Scottish Transport Regt (V) has been awarded the MC for his actions in Iraq during 2004. He is the 1st RLC soldier ever to be awarded the MC.

    LCpl Dickson’s convoy was ambushed in four separate contacts that day with an estimated en strength of 40 gunmen using small arms, RPGs and IEDs.

    Once under contact, every co-dvr in the convoy returned fire and LCpl Dickson, on top cover, managed to put down several rounds from his exposed position. During the contacts, LCpl Dickson was struck in his left shoulder by an AK-47 round that penetrated his body armour and lodged behind his ribcage. The force of the round knocked him down in the back of the Land Rover where many people would have remained and waited for proper medical attention.

    After reporting to his Sect Comd, LCpl Dickson stood up in the back of the Land Rover and proceeded to put down suppressing fire that undoubtedly saved the lives of some of his colleagues and allowed the convoy to escape the ambush without further casualties.

    LCpl Dickson took a number of months to recover from his wounds and worked hard to regain his fitness in order to return to theatre…..
    .....LCpl Dickson volunteered to return to Water Tp in Iraq and served on “Op Chicken Run” from mid-Sept until the end of his tour on Nov 04.”

    Brave man and well deserved of the award. The full write up is on Pg 195 of the Sustainer if anyone else is interested in the story.

  9. They all deserve medals if you ask me.

    Love the "the convoy finally found refuge in the Baath Party Headquarters." Irony or what.
  10. Much respect Loggie bloke.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah...well done that mad Jock !

    ( not bad for a stab REMF eh ?) ;-)
  12. Great news! Well done Darren.
  13. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Good to see that the SYSTEM is still as mad as a box of frogs when dishing out awards, postings and general decision making :p

    Well done to the Lad and FAO Lt, do something a bit more heroic FFS 8O
  14. The chavs best not chops off on his bus!!

  15. Will he get to wear the gong on his bus driver uniform? He should be allowed to! :D