Bus crash Cheltenham

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by T.F.R, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Breaking news on GMTV (i cant find a link as yet)

    Two buses crashed outside cheltenham with an unstated quantity of injured.

    one of the buses is reported to have 40 military personell on board.

    Ill keep searching for a link.
  2. From teletext:

    A coach carrying 30 army personell left the A40 at puesdown south east of cheltenham and collided with a tree.

    3 people are in critical condition. (it is unclear whether these three are from the Army bus, or from another mini bus which left the road carrying 14 passengers) although 40 are reported to have been hurt.
  3. From This is Gloucestershire:

    At least 40 people have been injured in two separate traffic accidents involving a coach and a minibus on treacherously icy roads in Gloucestershire.

    The Great Western Ambulance Service (GWAS) was called to an incident involving a coach carrying 30 people – believed to be Army personnel – that had skidded off the road into a tree on the A40 at Puesdown, south-east of Cheltenham, at around 5.20am.

    "Early reports indicate there are three patients in a critical condition, with the rest of the coach’s occupants suffering various less severe injuries," said a GWAS spokesman.

    "It is also thought one person – possibly the driver – is trapped."

    Ambulances attended the incident, as well as on-call officers and doctors specially-trained in treating roadside trauma.

    Patients are being taken to Cheltenham General Hospital.

    No other vehicles were involved in the incident.
  4. Sky news reported it as a car was in collision with a coach believed to be carrying army personnel.
  5. Collision due to "treacherous conditions" but about 20 are continuing to Brize.
  6. Wish a speedy recovering to all the injured personnel.
  7. Heard an unsubstantiated rumour that they were Royal not Army. Either way, hope its not too serious.

    Last time I went through South Cerney, the loggie informs us that our transport had arrived. Got outside to see a knackered old 'london style' double decker bus. With wooden benches. And 120 bloked trying to squeeze onto it with all the kit. Wasn't impressed to say the least!
  8. It was Royal

    Interesting to see the coach was operated by Target Travel. Hardly a subtle way of disguising Forces transport. Bet the Marines who were taken to a local pub to be checked by a Doctor weren't too sad.

    All the best for a good recovery & a safe tour, fellas.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Hell of a way to start your tour.

    A speedy recovery to those injured.
  10. Not a fault just of this council but of many round the country - including mine. Why the **** can't they lay salt down in the night like they are supposed to do instead of waiting for sunrise and hoping the warmth will help with the de-icing.
  11. Sven, Geoff Hoon admitted last week that maintaining the major A roads and Motorways is the responsibility of the Highways agency. Blame the government not the local councils for this one. They have saved money on buying salt and gritters/snowploughs, now we have to pay with injuries and lives.
  12. In that case NYCC accepted responsibility for gritting the roads wrongly, did they?

    A gritting press release showing responsibility and how a DISTRICT council is having to take the strain.