Burton on Trent V Lichfield

I am about to start a new contract,one of the two above towns would be my new weekly home.....yes I know they are shite towns, but which on has the best nights out for easy women!!
Burton actually isn't THAT bad...if you've managed to convince some poor bird to shack up with you, its not bad for shopping and I think you can still go on trips around the old Bass brewery (Coors now) AND its only 30 mins from Alton Towers :D

There's some nice pubs in the centre and some not bad fodder shops (well its got Frankie and Bennies and Wing Wah)! Cinema too! Oooooh and Bingo if you're a bit of a gayer!

Not far to Tamworth either for the Snowdome (birds like a man who can do the Milk Tray 'swoop' at the bottom of the slope)
Cheers BB, I will keep that in mind when doing a recce....apart from the Bingo!! are there any well "known" grab a slag nights? if so where
burton, hands down.

having frequented both towns on the lash, i can honestly say that there is a slightly better class of female in burton (please note the slightly) and when i say class i mean an easier chance of spurting your dirt, in to one of them.
its a reasonably good place for a few beers on an evening with a fair variety of drinking establishments. ( quite good for a punch up too)

litchfield used to be a haven for scutters years ago as there used to be an infantry training depot down the road, so it had its fair share of munters who would put out for a pint in the hope of marrying off some crow/sprog.
but this has now changed and it is just another rundown shitehole like most of the midlands.
Cheers BB, I will keep that in mind when doing a recce....apart from the Bingo!! are there any well "known" grab a slag nights? if so where
For 'grab a scutter' nights you'd need to travel just 20 mins down the road to Coalville's illustrious nite-spot...The Emporium!!

The Emporium UK

You wouldn't BELIEVE the sights you see stumbling out of there at 3am on a sunday, and there's a handy 'rape-alley' just to one side, although you might have to queue for that!!
When I lived in that neck of the woods, Burton was known as Burtonistan. I lived in Swadlincote which is not too bad in that its a short hop to any of the nightlife around there. Don't know what lichfield is like.
I'll be there this weekend and will report back. Historically Lichfield was a Cathedral city and rather gentrified, Burton was more industrial with the brewing. Both town centres on a Friday and Saturday are like any other market town in the country, full of noisy drunks.

Did you know Lord Brooke, a Parliamentarian commander, was one of the world's first recorded sniper kills, by a Royalist soldier hidden in one of the Cathedral's towers in 1643? Lichfield also has a statue of the Capt of the Titantic, allegedly his home town of Stoke didn't want it.

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