Now im normally very respectful to those with a disability. But some of them really grit my shit sometimes.
Heard on the radio today that a disabled woman is going to sue burtons because they didnt have disabled acsess(sp).
Now fair enough in this day and age they should. But burtons is a shop for blokes and this bird is kicking up a right stink about it. why the feck did she want to get in there so badly?
Anyone any thoughts?
Another example is on the buses that have disabled acsess. I was on one the other day with my daughter in a pushchair and as it was full had to stand in the whellchair bit. Low and behold a tosser in a chair wheels on and starts hurling abuse at me to get off.
By this point i felt like tipping his chair over and giving him the good news with my foot. I politely tell him to fook off and the driver takes his side. Upon stating that i would have folded the pushchair down if asked nicely the driver replied. 'well he is disabled mate'
Oh so that excuses him for being a chopper then does it?
I politely retorted ' well as hes disabled maybe he should be in the window licker wagon then' whilst i was pointing to a minibus full of mongs.
After that i got off.
Its getting beyond a joke some of them moan at feckin anything to point out they have an issue.
Anyone any thoughts or examples of the wheeled menaces pissing you off

Rant over
Saw it on TV at lunch - the mong went in to buy something for a male friend and wasn't happy that they didn't have a lift to the top floor (they even said they'd bring stuff down to her to have a look at it!).
If they want fcuking equality, then start by removing the preferential car park spaces that they get. They always get the best ones closest to the shops AND they have fcuking transport once they exit their vehicle as well.

Its discriminatory to normal people.

And that is deliberate use of the word normal
I wish i did tip that chopper up.
Thinking back he reminded me of the sergeant from forrest gump post nam war. Even had the same angry voice. Oh how i laughed when he kept falling over.

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