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Discussion in 'DIY' started by trooper142, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Luckily this happened while we were in , so have got the water turned off and all mopped up , no plumber till Thursday but can I use the central heating while the waters switched off ?
  2. Hi,
    In a word yup !!
    If you have a combi boiler (closed system) then if the pressure drops you wont be able to increase the pressure, if that makes sense.
    make sure you dont try and turn the hot water tap on(just to be on the safe side), combi boilers have a pressure switch so the call for heat wont be made ( the boiler wont flare up)

    Cheers for now

    (But if i,m wrong i,m sure someone will be along shortly to correct me)
  3. Cheers for the info , at least we will be warm while we wait for a plumber .
  4. Depends what has split. Go have a look.
    Do you have a sealed system on the heating (you may need to top up the pressure occasionally) and a pressure gauge on the boiler? The alternative is a feed and expansion tank (small 4 gallon tank) in the loft, which is susceptible to freezing.

    If it's not an F&E tank you'll probably be OK.

    There is usually a big 50 gallon cold water storage tank in the loft and these also freeze. That just affects the water supply, not the heating.
  5. Well , we have a hole in the down stairs toilet wall (external wall) and can see the split in the pipe , so far the heating is working .
  6. Can you work out what it is connected to? If it's the toilet or a wash basin, you just have to turn the water off and the leak will stop.

    If it connects to a radiator, there's a risk that you could drain the heating system and fire the empty boiler; new boiler time follows shortly after.

    If the water is off, there's no water coming out and all the rads are still hot, you'll probably be OK.
  7. It sounds like a tee out to a tap outside?

    You can get the rest of the house back on for £15.

    Go to the plumbers merchants and get a 15mm Pipe Slice and a 15mm Speedfit stop end.

    Fasten the Pipeslice over the pipe below the tee (there is an arrow on the side to tell which way to rotate it) then turn it round and round until the pipe is cut, then push the stop end firmly down on to the cut pipe.

    It will get the rest of the house back on till the plumber comes.
  8. Or of you want to do it on the cheap, use a hacksaw. Then go to b&q to get the stop end.
  9. Well 48 hours later and still no water or plumber , I am reluctant to interfere with the plumbing myself as we are in SSFA , HCR seem to have washed their hands of the situation leaving it to the landlord .
  10. I'm on holiday from the plumbing and heating.
    Like the dosh but not keen on call outs when the pub is open.
    Trooper its your land lords dutie to get some one out. Two compression couplings from B&Q
    a small bit of 15mm pipe if that's the size. cut out the split as the pipe swells and one coupling
    isn't enough. Keep heat on, if it gets colder turn water off drain pipe then turn on in the morning
    Gas safe engineer 40 years experience
  11. Cheers for all the info . Well it seems I was mistaken , apparently a large company renowned for 24 hour service have taken my landlord`s money with no intention of turning up , we have now had a visit from a plumber friend of the landlord and now have cold water , no hot water till tomorrow though , seems both hot and cold water pipes had split due to no insulation .
  12. Hot water and flushing toilets just in time for Christmas , just the damage to deal with in the new year .
  13. "Hot water and flushing toilets just in time for Christmas"

    Not combined I trust, nothing like the aroma of boiled richards wafting through the house to put you off the Christmas Pud.
  14. You've missed your chance to plead destitution and bunk up at a neighbours pad for the Chrismas season, scoffing their food, drinking their booze and vomiting on their carpet - all for free.

    Don't be in such a rush to get the repairs done next year.
  15. You should always know where the inside stop tap is and wether it can be easily and fully turned off, plus the whole family should be shown how to do it.

    If some dipstick kitchen fitter has made it almost impossible to get access, can you get some sort of adjustable spanner or key to help?

    The stop- tap should turn off without too much resistance, I've seen the heads shear off with too much pressure.

    Can you find the outside box?

    Make a note of exactly where it is, I haven't got time to clear 30ft of 2ft deep snow to find it.

    Try to open it up, sometimes the old metal ones are full of grit around the edges and need clearing with an old screwdriver and some hammer taps, even a squirt of WD40 to help free the hinges.

    Look inside, can you see the stop- tap head, or is the hole full of muck?

    If it is, call the water board, it's their property and they need to clear it.

    If you can see the head, or it can be cleared by hand, you can cut a notch in a length of wood to see if it turns off easily and positively, WITHOUT needing force.

    A good tip if you can use the stop tap properly, is crumple up a bin liner and push it down flush to the path to help stop muck being washed down and also helps insulate.

    If you are totally inept and cock it up, don't blame me though.......
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