Burst length when using the GPMG

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by incendiarycutlery, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. It's research for computer games time again. As per the normal for my questions, feel free to tell me to do one if the answer is likely to be sensitive.
    I did debate putting this in the computer games forum, but it struck me that there would be more people here who would know the actual answer rather than the latest COD value

    How many rounds to a burst when using the GPMG in the light role? I'm thinking that it's three to five but I have no real evidence
    Likewise, how many rounds to a burst in the SF role. 15-25? Youtube videos imply that sort of length but I can't tell if this is usual or hamming it up for the camera.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. banana?
  3. Belt of 200 all in a oner. Job's a good un!
  4. Why don't you join up and find out? :roll:
  5. 3000 rd burst of 1bitlink, every time.
  6. your information is out of date the army have upgraded to this ultra-mordern gat


    or is that just us bleeps who have this
  7. Do they do barrel changes in the video game? Is the number 2 one level of life form up from rifleman number 8, in the game?
  8. yes im only a loggy but reccently had a GPMG range weekend and normal rate of fire is bursts of 3-5 rounds I believe, again will happy stand corrected if wrong. but bursts arent controlled by the gun (unlike some weapons i believe) theyre controlled by the trigger finger of the operator.
  9. Then fcuk off to the RLC forums!! I don't come in there talking about DROPS and bacon butties do I?
  10. 2 to 3 rounds unless you're real cool and good, then it's one shot one kill, normaly via, (Boom!! head shot)
  11. Banana - Ranging Burst
    I had a bit last night - Killing Burst
  12. Fish n Chips
  13. haha very good and educated response. but at the end of the day we're all soldiers no matter what trade only difference is im a soldier with a truck. your man asked a question and i believed i knew the answer and replied accordingly, doesnt make any difference what forum its in.
  14. The word spanner comes to mind.
  15. Yes, you are a soldier - but you aren't an INFANTEER.

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