Bursary questions- TA, OTC or RMR

Discussion in 'Officers' started by jack04040, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi I wasn't sure where to put this so here it goes. I was awarded a sixth form schloarship two years ago ( and therefore an RCB pass)and I'm hopefully going down to exeter to study Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies in October this year, on an army bursary. I know that I have to complete some sort of service with either the TA or the OTC, but I was wondering if this can be completed with the RMR at Lypmstone given its proximity to the uni. I have looked at all the options around there and given that I am aiming for Infantry and in particular the Para's after Uni what does everyone think would be the best option to make me a better candidate for prospective regiments? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jack
  2. I know someone who did RMR and OTC at the same time at Ex'r - although whether it was to satisfy bursary requirements I do not know. CTCRM used to run a few activities for OTC such as Green Student which was a roaring laugh and a beasting too.
  3. I'm Exeter OTC myself, I would recommend it over both RMR and TA, especially at the moment considering we seem to be doing more 'Green' stuff then either other organisation (crazy I know). We’ve even got the Ark Royal Task Group supporting us for an upcoming exercise.

    If you search through this forum you can find a number of threads about OTC vs TA and frankly it all comes out with OTC on top for students. With regards to doing both, I believe both RMR and OTC training nights fall on a Wednesday or some similar roadblock to joining both at the same time.

    Just as a side question, isn't it illegal to have 2 service numbers?
  4. I was never looking at doing both it was more as a question of what would be best for improving my C.V. so to speak, when looking to get into a regiment post RMAS.
  5. I suppose that depends on your choice - why not ask the Parachute Regiment directly as that sort of genuine and intelligent enquiry tends to be admired.

    If you want to hedge your bets join both and then drop out of the one you like least. EUOTC was (and sounds like it still is) a great OTC and knew the importance of variety as well as making sure people could go on the spicier warrior' attachments. It's also a broad church so you'll happily fit in.
  6. Jack04040,

    I attended EU a few years ago now, but on a remote campus. I joined the local TA unit, which at the time was LI, and now will be Rifles. I thoroughly enjoyed that option.

    In my humble opinion, a reserve unit as compared to an OTC does offer advantages. Firstly, you are working with "real" soldiers from all different walks of life. Secondly, it's good to be part of the community you live in. Thirdly, it's a great escape from university life.

    Any questions just PM me.

    Good luck.
  7. My understanding of the RMR is that you're not actually signed on until ready to go for the Cdo Course. You're placed in a Holding Troop that beasts you horribly on Wednesday evenings, but I don't think you're technically enlisted.

    But I could be completely wrong. Just basing this off what I've heard from a few guys on my course who spent some time with RMR London.
  8. If you're at University, join the local UOTC. Their training is geared around the education schedule, whereas the TA will be on your case when you miss a weekend that was vital to both your study efforts and the units main effort.

    Think long term as well.

    You're at a University in a city that you are unlikely to be looking for work in, once you have your degree.

    You're aiming for Sandhurst already, so better to spend your time with fellow students and OTC'ers, and build up your social network there, rather than a local TA unit with guys who will probably always be Exeter/West Country based. Yes, you'll have a great time with the TA, but it's only going to be 3 years of your life, and you'll move on.

    A TA experience would be a good one, but Sandhurst is going to teach you how to command, and the OTC will be a part of that experience.
  9. I wouldn't worry about your "military CV" you'll be selected on the basis of your raw aptitude and potential the same as people with no military experience whatsoever. If you pass AOSB, the regular army will train you the same as all other officer cadets and won't give a t#ss about your previous training or experience. So do RMR / TA / UOTC on the basis of what you will enjoy the most and will benefit you the most in terms of your development as an individual. Alternatively do something else, after all, if you are joining the regulars you are about to spend your life wearing green, so why start 3 years earlier?