Burqas Banned in france!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whatnow?, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Quite right too.
    It comes to something when the poxy bloody French can teach us a thing or two about having a spine.
  2. I think that's what he wants, is there an election coming up?
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I was wondering if they had the nuts to do it - and they do. Good on them, and they've based it on unfair sex discrimination!!!!
  4. Not quite banned though is it?

    "He backed a cross-party initiative by some 60 legislators for a parliamentary commission to find ways to stop the burqa's spread."
  5. Yes I agree 8O

    A PM with a Backbone, i hope Mr Brown & Co pay attention to this but i doubt it

    I see the cabinet are divided on the issue, and i also think it will take time to push through any proposed legislation that the French wants

    I also see the critics are having a field day with this issue already

    This will be interesting to see how this develops & I wonder if any other Country's will follow suit, but i doubt it
  6. Why should they be banned. If they're banned how long before beards are banned. Then lets go the whole hog and ban anyone from being different.

    I think white trousers and a white t-shirt would be a good start for our future state where everyone is the same :roll:

    People winge about extremists wanting to change our culture but then insist other people change theirs. Let them wear whatever they want. I couldn't care less.
  7. I hope that the u.k. takes the same approach The principle behind the BURQAS is that it is clothing that maintains personal modesty, But i personally think the BURQAS is a security risk and you cant see the person who is wearing it .
    If a lady so wishes to wear a hi jab for"head cover and modest dress among Muslims for her faith then this is a much more acceptable .
  8. When the French banned Burqas from schools there was a bit of a fuss then on the first day of the new term they just removed the headwear before entering school and put it on again when they left.The leader of the muslim community told his followers that they should obey the laws of the land that they live in. Can't we get him to live in the UK,he talked a lot of sense.

    The first few days after the London Bombings the French kicked out approx 15 'Preachers of Hate'. We have only kicked out one and one did a runner to the Lebanon.The French are much quicker off the mark than we are,when it comes to protecting their own.
  9. Behave yourself.

    Are we going to ban every other item of clothing that covers or partly covers the face.

    We live in a country that has a knee jerk reaction when a bobby wants to search them under terrorism legislation but then is quite happy to suggest that someone adhering to their religious code is a "Security Risk."

    I think we should ban any clothing which is not skin tight as someone could hide something underneath :roll:
  10. I smell Chubb.
  11. Good, get it done here too. When the Arabic girlie mate remarks she's seen more Burkas per square foot in the Brumopolis than Damascus, we have a problem.

    And it is a problem, it's being used as a symbol of resistance according to some established Muslims hereabouts, and there is certainly resentment within the community to the proliferation of this form of dress, which is seen as shoving women's rights backwards.

    If it really was so desired by Muslim females, an argument oft-repeated, why are there so many burkas heading into the female toilets in the BullRing centre and so many hip and trendy western dressed Asian females emerging?
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The Iranians, as a whole, manage to protect their modesty with head-scarves that do not cover their faces, yet they are still, as a whole very devout Shia Muslims.

    The Bhurka is something that has been foisted upon women by men, using religion as an excuse. It's based around the idea that women are not supposed to be beautiful, or, once owned, they must hide that beauty away, except for their husbands and family at home. If this was a fair hypothesis and regime, the blokes would be doing it too, lest other women got 'lusty' at the sight of them.

    We in Europe have secular societies that promote, quite rightly, equality of the sexes, and the Bhurka, and the religion, culture behind it is used as an excuse for continued oppression. We have evolved facial muscles over millions of years that enable us to communicate, not merely by voice, but to express emotion, and more importantly, intent to other people around us. The bhurka denies 50% of these communities that ability and right.

    If you DO give women the choice, the vast majority will choose NOT to wear the bhurka, as demonstrated by hundreds of millions of muslim women around the world. It is only within the most backward and insecure communities and countries where this continues.

    The French are right.
  13. Fair enough - However what if you are just a quiet Muslim family happily paying your taxes and minding your own business happy in the knowledge that you are following your religious teachings. Should we take away that right as if we do I think we'd be better off living under a dictatorship.

    Just because some are getting shut of the burqa doesn't mean they all are, nor do they all want to.

    There maybe some learned arrsers posting on the subject but this kind of thing is just news to get the mouth breathers foaming from their cake holes and starting their next sentence with "I'm not racist but..."
  14. I'd have started with Beards.

    Bint in a bag I can take though I still find Nuns distressing.