Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by nottotouchtheearth, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Could not find much info in the search function on burpees. Found out that you do alot of these in the army, start phase 1 soon and can do about 10 and im **ucked, other fitness standards of mine are fine like my situps press up and heaves, and 1:5 run are at a good entry standard but burpees kill me, are these designed to total *uck you up????
  2. Nope. B@stards are designed to fcuk you up. Burpees are easy.
  3. yes makes your spelling bad,
  4. ur not the only one i hate burpees just one of those exercises u gotta keep doing to improve!
  5. @ OP.

    Practice, practice, practice...

    If you want to go hard core, try a 'b4stard'

    1. Standing position.
    2. Crouch
    3. Thrust legs back (as per squat thrust) so you are in a press up position.
    4. Complete 1 press up.
    5. Bring legs to front (completeing squat thrust exercise) so you are in a crouch position.
    6. Jump in to air, in a star jump (Shouting "B4astard" optional).
    7. Land with both feet together, in standing position. Goto 1. Repeat many times.

    When you are in, you will not have the option of wimping out of exercises because of minor reasons like you are breathing out of your h00p.
  6. fixed it for you :)
  7. If you do this and jump straight up as high as you can instead of in a star, you have what I would consider to be a proper burpee.
  8. Nope, you have described the dreaded "B4stard with a clap".
  9. Errrrr.... not quite. Hands straight to the sides in the attention position, toes pointed downwards. There is a variation, with the thumbs at 90 degrees to the palm but that's usually in Jock regiments and certain Irish elements of a Masonic persuasion :D
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    To be fair Chocolate Frog was describing a 'Burpee Royale', as opposed to M-t-G's more prosaic version!
  11. Question:- BURPEE/BURPEES :roll:
    Answer:- Chicken Madrass or Vindaloo no chip's 4/5 pint's ice cold lager 8O
    Ensuring bog roll has been stored in freezer for at least 3 day's :lol: :wink: after that a piece of piss :roll:

  12. Blimey. I feel faint after watching (all) of those videos of her bouncing around.

    I am off for a lay down. Certainly exhausting (watching) all this exercise.
  13. Was there an exercise going on? I was just mesmorised by the baps.

    Burpees.. nothing to worry about there's not a "how many burpees you can do" test, its just progression. Bit of cross fitness and CV. Keep practicing as as you get fitter in other areas, these will become easier anyway. Practice things such as star jumps (A real star jump is bending down back straight touching your heels/ ankles and jumping up and out) and squat thrusts for example and you will be able to do more burpees. In honesty what a burpee is defined as depends on the instructor, if he's really generous it will be something really farfetched. Hope that helps :lol:
  14. Eventually you will move on to 'Ninjas'.

    Get a partner to hold your legs, and you do press ups... vertically.