is it best to do burpees and squats before, after or during a run? ie. run a few hundred yards do 20 run anuther few hundred yards do another 20, or is it best to do them on different days to a run?
Do them while you're asleep it's easier.

What are you training for? What training have you done? Why don't you try various combinations and see what works best for you. Do you know what the search function is?
sorry shuld av been more specific. getting prepared for basic training. so far just been going on a mix of long slow runs and shorter interval runs
I fcuking hate burpees, but I don't think that helps much.

Joining the Army involves some pain and suffering, burpees is the least of your problems :D
Top tip

After the PTI has tired of you running around his beautiful bronzed body.

When you are in The Gym, split into teams, doing shuttle runs,

ie 'Sprint to one side of The Gym, down ten burpees and back.

When you do the star jump part of the burpee, put some effort into it, and you can leap at least three feet forward. Times this by ten, then you don't have as far to run to the other side of The Gym. You can then get looked upon as some kind of hero, as the rest of your team mates get beasted because you cheated.
Hope I haven't give you any ideas.
I f'kin hated burpees too! My regime was a run interspersed with press ups, sit ups and pull ups. It's stamina you need for basic training. Run up some hills or steps.
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