Burn't arrse?

Who is Interbunny?

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Interbunny? Not me, I'm more of your common or garden guinea pig fan.
Quite fond of hamsters as well.
Monkey Spanker, haven't you sussed out who this website belongs to?? It's been up for around a year ! I'd like to lay claim to fame on this one, but alas, there are others here on ARRSE who's humour is far beyond mine. The bit I like is:

3. Wannabes and SF hangers on - DON'T BOTHER. We already have a resident SF "expert" who claims to be in constant touch with Hereford, the Joint Chiefs, No10, The Oval Office and Moon Base Alpha.

It's the Moon Base Alpha bit that makes me giggle!!
I would say MDN, but that would be naming name....

Anyway, it has been around since 2003-10-14, apparently. I am getting ready to renew the contract once it is out....
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