Burns night

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by J_D, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE


    DIdn't know where exactly to put this, so its found homing here.

    January 25th, Burns night! Hope you all have a good night to who ever will be celebrating it! I know I will be..................just not so sure I want to be eating Haggis!

    I usually end up doing a bit of the old highland fling..........and guess who is taking this up again tonight. Got my tartan dress (never remember the exact name for this), uncles will be in the skirts and well I Know the photos will be making an shameful revisit next week :oops:
  2. Ill be in the mess tonight, trying not to get leathered as its a school night! :roll:
  3. It's never stopped any of my Officers. Many times have I found one particular officer fast asleep under his desk, still in Mess Dress after a mid-week shindig! Them & us I suppose!!
  4. I'll be celebrating whilst wearing a skirt and talking with a weird and funny accent. Hawk-eye-the-nu.
  5. I get incredibly wound up about Burns' night. I've been to "proper" Jock bashes where it has been a genuinely good evening and where the whole thing has been a really well executed party. I've also had the misfortune to attend the Surrey Highlanders' version which has all the professional Jocks - those with two surnames like Cameron Fraser who love Scotland enough to sacrifice themselves as City merchant bankers and suffer in Pangbourne or wherever - where the whole affair has a thick helping of cod-religious pomposity applied to it. Amazing the effect the two extremes has on me: at the first I get "happy pished" in good company and at the second "offensively pished" and have to be restrained from insulting one and all (If only to ensure that I never get invited back.) Tonight, I am compromising: I have a bottle of Lagavulin with my name on it and shall toast all things good in Jockland, confident that they will do likewise when St George's day rocks around or when we meet in the 6 Nations.
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    Did you shave?

    Ach,I'll be indulging in some fine old malts while attempting o throw my legs in the air in strange and daring positions and pass it off as the actual fling!
  7. I'm glad you brought this up Anya, I've been given a haggis, so as a nod to my sweaty brethren, I'll be tucking in tonight.
    My question is, what's the traditional accompliment? I know it 'neeps' :? but what exactly are they?
    Also, I've got some good scotch, but do I really have to have Iron Brew and a deep-fried Mars bar?
  8. J_D

    J_D LE

    A WAH??

    Go boil your self some turnips and patotos hun and see what you can conjour up :wink: While your there make us some cockaleek soup and a brew. Wouldn't mind some tablet to go with that :p
  9. So here's tae the Barnett Formula an' the West Lothian Question...
  10. Nope, but if you're doing it right remember the haggis is only the course between the soup and the steak pie.
  11. Too true, too cynical........ I shall instead think on the Cuillins, the Road to the Isles, early morning dockside brekkers at Mallaig, sailing the Mull of Kintyre at night in a force 8, watching the mist lift over the Great Glen, listening to the groans around Murrayfield as England or Ireland demolish Scotland and many of the more immediate, sensual, delights that Scotland conjours up for me - rather than the political, economical, social and real life issues that all too often distort my affection for the place.
  12. Next time don't make such a noise,-and I take 2 sugars in my coffee :lol:
  13. And you MUST pipe it in..... Drink plenty of IrnBru (please note spelling you sasinack shister) and see if you can burp up a rendition of Auld Lang Syne or such.....

    I WON'T be eating Haggis, the very idea gives me the heaves! I'll have a wee nip and a bowl or two of thick veggie soup..... that's soup prepared by the thick veggie, it's his turn to cook!

    Beebs x
  14. I guess getting 'faced on single-malt and watching "Taggart" repeats isn't quite the same, but that's as good as it gets down here. :D Which is odd since there's possibly more Jocks here than in Dundee.
  15. what the feck is going on?
    If the jocks want to celebrate the life of some gay boy poet fine....but come on you english, have a bit of pride, leave today to the jocks.
    St Georges day is the day for us.