Burns Night menu / order of service

Discussion in 'Officers' started by msr, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Have been tasked with running one of these and not being of a tight-fisted, buckfast quaff.... er, Scottish disposition, I was wondering whether someone could help me out with a suitable menu (beyond the obvious three) and order of service - readings, poems etc.

    And a recipe for Atholl brose would be great.

  2. Why don't you look up HQ 2 Div (HQ Scotland) on DII get the contact details for the Mess Cttee and drop the Ent Member an email.

    Either that or start learning Tam o' Shanter

    "when merket days are waring late
    an folk egin tae tak the gate ....."
  3. Scotch broth / Cock a Leekie soup
    Haggis, Neeps & Tatties.
    Cheese & Oatcakes

    (but you knew that)

    Keep the meal short and simple as the night should be mainly speeches, recitals, songs and entertainment.

    For fecks sake make sure there is someone who can do the Address, and someone to propose the 'Immortal Memory' in suitable fashion.
  4. Subtitles. Otherwise the whole sheebang becomes meaningless for non-Neds.
  5. Bejeejus. I have to do everything meself round here. Call me, msr, and your webbing is sorted, and yes I can deliver.
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Do not, I repeat, do not allow anyone to do a Powerpoint as the Immortal Memory.

    I nearly left a Burns supper last year when some cnut set up his laptop but there was still a free dram to arrive!
  7. You could always post this in the WOs/SNCOs thread if you want the full list as they probably run more of these than officers.

  8. Burns Supper may be just an informal gathering of friends, or a grand and glittering event. Regardless of scale, if tradition is to be followed, there is a well worked pathway through the evening, including the following elements. If, however, you wish to steer a less conventional course, you may find our alternative ideas inspire you to be a bit more creative.

    Opening Address
    The host offers a few welcoming words to launch the proceedings, then invites the guests to start the supper with The Selkirk Grace.

    Address to the Haggis
    A piper leads in the chef, who carries the haggis to the top table. The host or invited guest then recites Burns’ Address to a Haggis and, at the line, “an’ cut you up wi' ready slight”, the haggis is pierced with a sharp knife. The address is normally accompanied with loud applause, after which all present stand and toast the haggis with a glass of whisky.

    The Immortal Memory
    A central feature of the evening, The Immortal Memory is a short and lively speech about Burns, delivered by an invited guest. The opportunity to deliver this is deemed a great honour and well worth the time and effort required. The tone is normally akin to a best man’s speech, highlighting the groom’s good character in an entertaining and affectionate way, outlining the enduring relevance of Burns and making reference to his poems or songs. The whole performance ends on an up-beat note with a toast: “To the immortal memory of Robert Burns!”

    Toast to the Lassies
    This is a light-hearted address to the women in the audience, albeit one that is respectful and humorous. This culminates with the toast: “To the Lassies!”.

    Response to the Toast to the Lassies
    The lassies then get a chance to respond with wit, charm and relevant quotations from Burns’ life and works.

    Songs and Poems
    The evening is interspersed with songs and poems, culminating in a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne.
  9. You can have my better half if you want..she is Pipe Major for our local pipe band...

    ..seriously..keep her...she is a good cook....nice tits too...

    ...please...you can honestly have her...

    ...oh..and she can play the pipes for piping in the haggis ;)
  10. Actually..come to think of it..can I have her back...she used to work in a distillary and not only has a great knowledge of whisky, she has a good collection too!
  11. whf is right, Burns night is more a Sergeants' Mess sport. However when I have attended these it has often been a success to do something other than haggis as the main course (a nice chunk of Aberdeen Angus steak, perhaps?) to preserve the delicate sensibilities of some diners. Heresy I know as I love the stuff!

    Oh, & be careful about serving just whisky instead of wine. It can end up quite messy :oops: